Friday 25 November 2016

Tough Test

This Robinson ( Red Robbo ) didn't have a problem with protests !

The dreaded deed has been done and Karl Robinson is now our manager. For me he is everything our club historically isn’t as evidenced not least by his previous ill-advised comments about our club. However, he’s now chosen to take the Belgian shilling and is now making different noises.

I’ll not comment any further on him at present other than I hope he proves me wrong, acts with some decorum and is a success. At least Adam Chicksen will be pleased with his arrival as he would appear to have a better chance of getting a regular game unless there’s some baggage we’re not aware of.

Saturday sees Nugent’s final game in charge. Far be it from me to point out the inconsistencies of his short tenure against the longevity ( relatively speaking ! ) of the previous interim manager !

If ever we needed a “ wait and see “ approach for a caretaker boss then this was it. I hope he stays on the staff but Robinson will probably bring over Barker but was we know the tail wags the dog so he may not get his way on that should he so wish.

The recent rather disturbing, nay sinister appointment, of CO’L to the football management team ought to be a concern for Robinson. One hopes he has had the sense to clarify his role but since his only managerial experience to date is with one club he is still wet behind the ears in that respect. In addition, he may have taken promises for the owner at face value. One would like to think he’s done at least a little research into him and how things operate in S.E. 7.

The last two performances mean that we go into battle with the Blades in better heart than one would have expected a couple of weeks ago. Injuries and long term ones at that to Solly and Holmes restrict our options. Hopefully Rudd isn’t out for too long although Phillips performed well on Tuesday I believe.

The aforementioned Chicksen deserves his first Valley league start. Botaka ought to start although his 30 minutes last Saturday left a bit to be desired possibly due to lack of game time.

The Blades fans have bought out their entire allocation and will be I good voice no doubt. At least some atmosphere is assured as a result.

This will be a tough test for The Addicks but on present form they seem up to it. A win would be fantastic and we could start looking up the table.

Come On You Reds !

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