Wednesday 23 November 2016

5 Go Mad In Bristol !

Well, I’m not sure what’s more unexpected, last night’s scoreline or the imminent appointment of Karl Robinson. However, I know which one pleases me more !

Clearly Mr Nugent is able to get more out of our squad ( bearing in mind the injuries too ) than Slade was. One always felt that our squad ought to be doing better and that to be more attacking was the best option and under his charge the Addicks have shown that to be the case in these last two games.

It was great to see Chicksen start, have a couple of assists and to score a good goal. One wonders why on earth Slade couldn’t have found room for him. After all, he recruited him.

5 different goal scorers is good news and they were all good quality too. Ajose’s strike was superb along with Lookman’s and Josh showed that he can poach goals inside the box. All really good to see.

I’m delighted for all those hardy fans who made the trip to Bristol last night. Well done you ! It’s good to see that loyalty ( and optimism ) rewarded !

After winning two games in four days, scoring 7 goals and conceding one, and that from the spot, you’d hope that our SMT would sit on their hands until after Saturday at least. The Blades will provide a real acid test and not to hold on a little longer would seem foolish. Oh well……….

It seems that we are about to witness Robinson’s appointment as manager then. He was seen at the game last night and apparently spoke to a few supporters. As I would expect ( and the rest will need to get used to – they weren’t words of wisdom if they were reported accurately ).

Living in MK I am well aware of Robinson. If you want an insight into him then speak to some MK Dons fans. Those I’ve spoken to weren’t sad to see him go. Bear in mind he’d taken them to the Champ too.

They’ll tell you he is a whinger of the highest order. Officials come in for the blame following any defeat and he’s far from popular with them – a younger Warnock if you like.

I understand that he wasn’t happy that little money was forthcoming to boost his team following the sale of Deli Ali. That he couldn’t negotiate a better outcome with Pete Winkleman doesn’t bode well for someone who will have to deal with worse than the Dons chairman.

Does he have a good eye for a player ? Well, he signed Simon Church last season as part of the plan to stay in the Champ. He expected him to bring goals and anyone who watch Church play for us will testify that prolific is one thing Church is not.

About two months into last season and Robinson still maintained he just needed a goal and more will follow. They didn’t of course and before the season was up Church was sent out on loan.

Can he motivate players and get the best from them ? Well, he got Poyet on loan from West Ham early last season and failed to get anything from him and Poyet ended up on the bench and then returning to the East End as we all know.

The prospect of him managing our club fills me with dread. I fear he won’t have any appreciation for our history and culture.

If he is manager, I hope he proves me entirely wrong of course. Sadly, I feel he is ill-equipped in nearly every aspect for the challenge that managing our club is under this owner.

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