Monday 31 October 2016

Getting A Bad Press

Dull ? That's a bit harsh.

Ditchwater move over there's a new kid in town. Exhibit A, Saturday's first half in S.E. 7.

Events on the pitch are a long way removed to being a distraction of those off it. Prior to kick off Mr Slade promised us a fast start that I took to mean that we'd be at Chesterfield from the off start. Like a lot of things that seems to have been lost in translation at the training ground.

Perhaps I expect too much in wanting to be entertained and see my team playing some decent football. As a result I get frustrated when the ball is constantly banged up to Magennis. That wouldn't be so bad if he won most of those long balls resulting in us retaining possession. I haven't kept any stats but we usually lose it and are defending straight away.

Does Slade have any idea what he's doing ? Why is Lookman still taking corners and some set pieces ? The previous home game aside after 15 minutes you'd know that he shouldn't be taking them and would have passed the duty over to Holmes. Worse still was that he was asked to do so on both sides !

The players are to blame to an extent as unless Slade has specifically told them not to but why couldn't they think " well this isn't working why don't I go over and we'll try a short corner " ? 

The football under Slade is so defensive and horrible to watch. Botaka still didn't start as Lookman was asked to play on the left again. Not his best position I feel and at the same time, Holmes, an excellent winger who is most effective on the left isn't allowed to play there. Occasionally Mr Slade allows him to swap over for a while but not start there.

We all hope Ajose does well but you've got to earn that place but on Saturday he missed at least two golden chances. Play Lookman in behind Magennis has got to be an option or as part of an attacking three behind Josh and Novak.

Some will point to the subs made that resulted in our last minute winner. I'd say why didn't he make those changes or earlier or even better pick the right starting eleven in the first place ? If he had surely we wouldn't have struggled to beat a poor Chesterfield side.

The one good thing is that we've stopped losing and perhaps have a modicum of momentum. However, this has been achieved against some of the division's poorer teams. Greater tests await in November and at the end of that we'll have better idea of what we can expect of this squad.

To be honest, I don't hold out much hope unless Slade has a road to Damascus moment. We can but dream !

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