Monday, 17 October 2016

Trotters ? But We've Already Played Bolton.

Porkies ! Thousands of them ! Seems very apt in every way under this regime.

The pre-match meeting between some fans and the SMT witnessed a few more I understand. It appears that Kevin Foley has settled in so well that he is now a member of the SMT as he was also present. Someone had to fill Johnnie’s place I guess.

Katrien again failed to answers questions and Tony appeared keen to change the subject whilst still managing to put his foot in it.

If these meetings are genuinely intended to be an attempt to understand fans anger and suggest what the future plans are, then they’re simply not working.

I’d love to be at one. I’d ask Katrien what objectives Roland set her last year. I’d also ask about this year and I’d want to know what the consequences of her not meeting them are.

Either she’s not set any, they are so vague as to be meaningless or there’s no consequence of failure.

None of these meetings is filmed and no genuine account or record is forthcoming from the club. So much for an open approach and a willingness to put things right.

Details of the march and flying pigs are covered in great detail by others and all will now be aware of that. In addition, the rather worrying alleged assault of a young man who had the audacity to wave a flag.

Awareness raised in all forms of media and both sets of fans will be pleased that for a short while at least their plights have been highlighted. Whether it helps achieve the ultimate goal of ridding ourselves of Roland and co is open to debate of course.

However, it’s got to be better than doing nothing. Sitting on your hands accepting it all really oughtn’t to be an option. One can’t simply allow them to carry on unimpeded.

I still don’t understand Roland’s raison d’etre. Surely he is now simply holding on just hoping to at least get his money back. Unlikely I’d say but it won’t stop him trying it seems.

On the pitch the scoreline flatters an average performance against a poor team devoid of confidence but that still could have taken a share of the spoils at least.

Novak was a big disappointment for me. Little effort and too quick to moan at others seemingly in an attempt to cover his own shortcomings.

Our subs were odd and I was dismayed to see Hanlan come on to play on the right side of midfield.

A win’s a win I guess and I’d like to think we’ll kick on from here but I can’t really see it. Hopefully I’m wrong.

The omens at least are good as tomorrow night we play Pork Vale.


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  2. I don’t suppose a2c understands Roland’s raison d’etre either, perhaps if they do they could share it with the rest of us in a way that we can all understand. How about it, you could follow Katherine's fine example and reach out to fellow supporters in English instead of gibberish a2c.

    1. Little chance of that I reckon anon.....we can but dream !

  3. Agreed Phil, I don't see things changing with the owners any time soon which is a shame but I hear rumors of a takeover sometime towards the end of this year, beginning of next but how true this is, who knows but could be good come end of the year. I also agree with comments about the game, we were not good at all, it's just that Coventry were very poor at the back and had an obvious lack of confidence in the team. As for Hanlon, I would like to see him start up top with Magennis, looks like a good player with strength and pace and someone, who whenever he has come on, has looked like giving it his all and really working hard which is what the team has been lacking in past weeks.

    1. Anon, I've heard the same rumours too from a while back. If true it could be very good news. I'm not counting my chickens especially when one remembers Zebel or whatever they were called. Fingers crossed anyway. As for Hanlan, I agree he's wot

    2. I agree he's worth a go as he seems a powerful and direct striker.

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