Friday 21 October 2016

Hamming It Up !

After Pork Vale the Addicks next port of call on the porcine places list is GillingHAM ! Sadly, try as I might I can't tie in our next home opponents, Chesterfield on a similar theme. Never mind as Pork Vale follow in the next league game at home after that so all is not lost !

Tuesday's draw was almost inevitable as it followed the oft repeated pattern of leading late into the game only to go on to lose or in this case draw. It is criminal the number of points that we've thrown  away this season from a winning position.

It is against that background that a number of travelling Addicks voiced and directed their anger and frustration at Mr Slade. Had it been a one off then I'm sure nothing would have said.

The boss pretty much lost it in the post-match interview and I have a little sympathy but he's old enough and hopefully, experienced enough to know better than to respond in the way he did.

The old trick of sending out your deputy in such circumstances usually works well and Slade would have been wise to do so.

Mr Slade yesterday said the lessons would be learned and there is an immediate opportunity to put things right as another challenge was ahead etc. etc. All well and good but it's getting like a stuck record and starting to resemble the sound bites we get before we play Millwall before going on to lose again.

You know the stuff " I'm well aware of what this fixtures means to the fans ", " the lads are really up for it " and my all time favourite " the lads have worked really hard in training this week " ! Huh ? So normally they pretty much can't be ar**d then ?

No matter how you dress it up Slade has a pretty decent squad at his disposal and as I've observed before other managers, many less experienced are getting  an awful lot more from their squads.

I've no idea what the is issue is with Tex but surely you get him into the squad even if only for the sake of expediency. To continue our topic, why be so pig-headed ?

Hopefully we can get something from tomorrow's game as we're only a couple of defeats away from slipping back into real danger.

Good luck to anyone going tomorrow, I hope it proves worthwhile.

Come On You Reds !


  1. The squad is crap, he needs to get rid of Fox and Solly both cant defend. Port Vale draw was down to Fox trying to clear the ball with his left foot instead of his right that's how bad he is. He needs to play Teix with Pearce and Bauer (yes three centre halves)Also Ba needs to brought into midfield (yes five in midfield) and two up front.

    1. anon, I don't think the squad is that bad and certainly no worse than most in league 1. Fox needs some competition and in that respect Slade's refusal to play Chicksen is silly and shortsighted. I think 3 centre halves is worthy of consideration especially when considering our paucity of pace and quality in midfield.

  2. Another big mistake was not selling Fox to Newcastle

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  4. Solly can't defend??!! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

  5. Solly is one of our only good players at the minute and never puts a foot wrong and gives 100% for the club. cannot fault Solly but Fox, yes is useless.