Friday, 12 February 2016

You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All

Hogwash ! That’s the most polite way I can put my thoughts on the latest from our owner who also professes to be a fan. Yes, really ! Who knew ?

He travelled all the way from Belgium to deliver that load of nonsense ! More money wasted. Roly no doubt sees it as the gallant leader riding in to support M & M.

Just as Katrien told the fans forum, Roly informs us that her words in Dublin ( on video no less ! ) were taken out of context…….we misunderstood and she never meant to hurt anybody !

It’s hard to take words out of context when they are on video and I wasn’t hurt……insulted, yes but not hurt. Going back to that Fans Forum I felt she had a contemptuous attitude towards the genuine concerns of the majority of committee members present, waving a dismissive hand towards the irritants.

Perhaps we got the end of the stick when she said the aim was to produce players via the academy to sell on the Prem clubs and what joy there is to be had in that ! Again I’ve probably got that wrong and misunderstood.
“She is a fantastic woman, extremely dedicated. She has done extremely good work so far in all sorts of things. I’m very happy with it.”

Really ? A shame he didn’t elucidate on that because I must have missed something. The vast majority of the present unrest arises from her words and actions. Time has shown them to be both lies and wrong.

Given what Roly has said it’s hard to believe he hasn’t rebuked her or pointed out the error of her ways. Nothing changes as she moves from one mess to another. The latest in a long line ing the Player of the Year Event and perhaps best of all the “ spoof resignation “. Both badly mishandled.


Enough already, none of us really expected Roly to be honest about KM and openly admit she’s not doing terribly well.

What of the other M, Richard Murray. Again he is defended by Roly.

“We are all involved. Richard is the president of the board and he is very influential in the club. And the reason why that is the case seems logical to me - this is very historical club with a long, long history and Richard is, in my view, the ultimate fan - because he also put money where his mouth and his heart was. 

“I asked him to be the president of the club and he has done that. It’s painful to say so, because he supported also Katrien, that some fans are starting to see him as an enemy - which is crazy.

“Because he is also a great fan of the club. And he deserves every respect.”

If Murray is that influential then why after acknowledging the error of not recruiting experienced championship players did we not recruit accordingly in the transfer window ? Surely we would have moved heaven and earth to get Yann and Lee Tomlin for example ?

I’ve no idea why he supports Katrien perhaps in private he is as scathing as the rest of us. I only see him as misguided these days, I don’t hate him. That’s impossible given what he delivered in his early years as Chairman.

Yes, he is a great fan of the club but that respect is dwindling all the time he fails to come clean and have the balls to tell it like it is.

Yet there’s more…………..“We have sometimes made the same mistakes again. But in my businesses we have a culture of learning from mistakes. This is very common in industry. If you don’t do that you are stupid.

“Here we also try to learn from our mistakes. Does it all work all the time? I think it works better than in some football clubs - but definitely not good enough.

“The main point here is that we don’t have enough leeway to cope with our mistakes. Other clubs have much bigger squads and even if they make the same mistakes as we do, they still can cope because of that.

I’m struggling to make any sense of this. I think he’s saying I’ve made mistakes but it takes me a long time to learn from them….a very long time. However, mistakes are good because we learn children and if you don’t……you’re stupid……….Q.E.D.

Larger squads, loads of injuries, loan players blah ! blah ! blah ! My God ! One could name loads of teams with less money and smaller squads than ours yet they’re all doing better than us. Huddesfield are just one example.

They’re not immune from injuries or the same problems that beset all clubs but they’re in better shape than us. At the same time they manage to play their youngsters and recruit well.

Roly goes on about how long it takes to integrate players. That’s true of the ones we get but those with championship pedigree settle in almost immediately.

It all continues to be a mess but what irks most is that it was all so avoidable with a series of missed opportunities and so it goes on. It seems that this weekend we will be missing our two latest loanees who after last week ought to walk into the side.

Something’s awry here. Either they’re not fit or Riga doesn’t want them. Whatever it is it is an example of how dire things are.

I really didn’t expect anything better from Roly but in fact it was worse than I dared think. Words are cheap, action is needed but since that is not forthcoming then he has only served to fan the flames !

Come On You Reds !

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