Monday, 15 February 2016

Pies, Damned Lies and Heuristics

" Huh ? Where have all the customers gone ? " Roly surveys the crowd at the opening game of the 2016/17 season.

Strangely our dear owner's visit and interviews made diddly squat difference as Charlton ground out a nil all draw. Astonishingly his explanation of where it's all gone wrong, his clear vision and actions for the future and rousing words failed to push the players on or lift spirits in S.E.7.

You really wonder how on earth this man has amassed a fortune. He surely can't have adopted the same approach to business as he does to running his football clubs.

Saturday was an awful game for 75 minutes until injuries brought about the changes that were desperately needed and there was something to make you look up from reading the latest copy of the Trust news.

I felt that Jackson and Cousins achieved little against Bristol City, on Saturday they appeared to be running on empty. At least one of Poyet and Ba had to start against Cardiff. I appreciate being loyal to players but sometimes you can be too loyal for too long. Just ask Curbs in respect of Sasa Ilic.

Reza was totally ineffective and that Lookman didn't come on in his place at half time is a mystery. It's too early to judge Sanogo but at least things started to happen when appeared. I'm far from Big Mak's greatest fan but fair play I thought he did well on Saturday with little support.

Other results went against us and the fat lady is warming up with increasing certainty that she'll be called upon. It now needs everything to go in our favour in order to get out of this mess and it looks ever more unlikely. Should things not change then it call all be over by late February / early March.

Of all the questions put to Roly last week one wasn't asked but I'd love to know the answer to it. For the life of me I don't understand what he gets as a 69 year old living abroad running a football club that is costing him money and apparently is about to cost him even more.

He professes to be a fan of a club that he had no previous connection to and has only ever watched once I believe. How very bizarre ! Against a background of increasing failure and unrest what possible joy or satisfaction is to be gained from it ? What possible motivation is there ?

Roly stills clings to a stubborn belief that his was of running the club will work possibly in the same way that the infinite monkey theorem will deliver the works of Shakespeare. in all probability the monkeys will deliver first !

He has cleared away all the competent staff and those with a sense of belonging to the club and increasingly only the incompetent remain. I was far from impressed with the new employees I saw at the Fans Forum.

It really makes no sense and from a purely financial perspective it only will if he sells all the real estate and players and makes of with a profit. I really can't see any other reason. Otherwise he's a bigger crackpot than I think. 

Last week Roly could have come over, taken decisive action, acknowledge the mistakes and outline a sensible approach for the future. Sadly he didn't and it seems that is never going to happen and we're all doomed.

I'm still wondering how far we have yet to fall before this decline is arrested. Falling gates and income allied to his ridiculous strategy could see Roly take us into League Two and beyond. That's how bad it could get.

The man is a blinkered idiot of the highest order.


  1. Well more children are comin in juss as well cos there replacin all the negative boo boy brigade. I'm recruitin more fans from where I live for our gaff n all.

  2. Yes and what a good job you did too. Most of the kids I saw were wearing Pinocchio stickers and masks........and there was me thinking you supported Roly and Katrien ! That you called them fans and not customers suggests that you really have changed ! Whatever next ? You writing in English ?

  3. 300 per cent agree with your post, but frankly did we all not know what the Owner would say last week and was not going to listen to it and well in stupidity did hear all 3 interviews and same same. Absolutely ridiculous indeed and we supporters treated like village idiots. Guys how many of you remembered that phrase and a certain Mr Andy Nelson a former CAFC Manager a long time ago, calling supporters just that.

  4. True John because they know, like us, that because of all the emotional ties we can't just walk away. Sadly I read and watched all the interviews in the naive belief that I might read or hear something to give me hope. I don't get him at all. As the great Oscar Wilde said " with age comes wisdom but sometimes age comes alone ! ".

  5. Like most of us I was prepared to give Duchatelet a chance.... he's had that and he's been found out, he's a total and utter clown. He has no idea of the history of British football, the ethos of the relationship between the SUPPORTERS, the club and the players and he certainly couldn't run a whelk stall, let alone a football club.
    Like Phil I just can't fathom how on earth the man became a multi-millionaire - though I suppose that anyone can make money out of inanimate widgets.

    The fact that we go through managers like some kids eat sweets hardly assists in stability - and if RD would care to look at records he'll find that 90% of clubs that have 3 managers in a season only go one way.... down.
    Another thing I can't understand is that if the Great Leader is in London on a Thursday why the hell doesn't he stay over to take in the home game 2 days later? IF I'd invested £20m or whatever in a football club I'd like to see what's happening for myself - particularly if it's going down the pan. I'd want to see what my Chief Executive had been up to on my behalf for a start - and I wouldn't be too impressed! But of course, all of that is in the real and normal world that we inhabit - not the weird world of RD.

    It leads me to only one conclusion - he's invested £20m but he's hoping to make £100m ... from ruining the club, blaming low attendances for having to sell the Valley and moving the club to a shed on the Greenwich Peninsula and reaping in a handsome £70m profit by selling our beloved ground for redevelopment. THAT can be the only explanation - anything else proves that he's the total tw@ that many of us think he is.
    Whatever the answer is it means only one thing - gloom and doom and the decline of Charlton Athletic FC. He just HAS to GO and the sooner the better.... The club and whoever finally takes it over will just have to start all again from division 1 - and if there's any further delay that will be from division 2.

    Don't think that can't happen to us - just look at poor old Torquay United. After years of stagnating in divs 1 & 2 they were taken over by a lottery winner who promptly oversaw relegation to the Conference and they are now doomed to dropping down further this season - from the football league to obscurity in 3 years, that's how quickly it can happen and there is a lesson there for all of us.

    Meanwhile my exile from the Valley will last as long as RD is in charge OR he does a 180 degree turn and brings in a notable British manager with full control over the playing staff, including recruitment. The further we drop the less likely that is to happen....

  6. The ones I saw came from local schools to support the team n players unlike your exenophobic lot. Fans are the same as supporters n I don't ave a problem with bein called customers with unlike some who can't make their minds up. Less ope the flare throwers get thrown ahrt or do you agree with injurin people n all.

  7. I Hope its not profetic, but in my FM2016 game CAFC under roly went down came up and went down again, now in league 1 with a cat 1 accademy, after 5 more managers, and finaly roly is looking for a new owner at the start of the 18/19 season, with none of the promised talent or stability and no prospects.

    The game engine is pretty good, but I hope its wrong.

    Why can he just not come out and explain what he is trying to do?
    it seems the network model only works when the mother ship is on firm foundations (see Udinese, Man City) and unfortunatley, STVV is not good enough, and we just are not there. running at a 3m loss having to sell players is just not sustainable, as players of the likes of shelvey, gomez, and lookman dont grow on trees.

    Either Roly needs to accept he is going to have to cover more losses himself or I Hope he speaks to Peter Varney and his investor, from the way he is talking, it sounds like there are deep pockets there, and a few million a season for naming rights and a main shirt sponsor that actually has cash would be good.

    I am all for partnership with the university, but if your going to keep ticket prices low, you have to make it up with the sponsorship and universities dont have that kind of cash.

  8. Anon, I agree that the only way he can cover his losses ultimately is to do as you suggest which is the greatest concern. His plan, if indeed he has one, is failing. It certainly doesn't make sense.
    A2C, the kids that came on Saturday came for a free day out with their parents. Most of them near me didn't take their seats until well after kick off with one group not arriving until 40 minutes into the game. They weren't dyed in the wool fans and were only invited to make up numbers and help shift food and drink. You keep chucking the xenophobia nonsense at people and no one's listening in the same way I'll ignore your silly comment about any potential approval I might have of people getting injured.
    Big Pete, I hope your game isn't a portent of things to come but sadly it might be. If only P.V. could get involved but I fear not. You're right about Universities and their cash, I wondered about that when they first got involved.....not sure how they justify it ?

  9. Phil wass wrong with gettin more kids dahn our gaff who then become future fans n thass wot the club is doin, buildin for the future. I don't think banners with belgians ahrt is nonsense meself n I find it offensive n all, shame the likes of yourn don't or condone chuckin flares on the pitch in the name of a protest but thass summin up wot the likes of the boo boys n their aggressive ilk are all abahrt.

  10. c2a
    ere, a2c. ow is the pro- Katrien/Roland blog comin along? I juss checked and the url is available to use

  11. Very good Unknown. Strangely our friend never tells us how he thinks Roly's plans will succeed. That's probably because the constant hiring and firing of both suitable and unsuitable folk is not the recipe for success Roly thinks it is. However, it's never to late to enter the world of blogging as you suggest. We wait with bated breath.........