Monday, 22 February 2016

Deja Vu

Jonjo, remember him ?

There's little point in previewing games these days. It doesn't appear to matter who dons the red shirt as we're seemingly heading for another 3-0 defeat.

I was reminded earlier that when we last played Preston we lost 3-0 and went on to lose the following 2 games by the same score. In fact, it seems to be our most favourite scoreline this season. Perhaps Saturday's 3-0 reverse was a pre-cursor to the same set of results.

I'm tempted to put a beer in the fridge in the hope that we might score. I'll have worked up a thirst after doing a lap of honour round the living room !

Can we look to matters off the pitch to cheer us up ? No, of course not. Rumours abound that our jewel in the crown, Lookman is about to sign a contract extension. Normally this would be cause for joy and celebration. 

However, nothing is normal at the moment. All this news does is remind me of Jonjo Shelvey. He did a similar thing just prior to being sold soon after. There's little doubt that young Lookman will follow suit sooner or later with later being no later than the January 2017 transfer window I've no doubt.

Like Jonjo who could blame him for moving on ? No one with a modicum of promise would want to stick around any longer than is necessary. Come to that there are some considerably lesser lights who are unlikely to stick around either. No one could really blame them either.

The dressing room is likely to empty as quickly as the stadium !

Come On You Reds !

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