Saturday, 20 February 2016

Roly Only Showers..........

because he couldn't run one of these.

The game's well and truly up and the fat lady's singing. It was already looking like a bridge too far but today against a team that got thumped 3-0 in midweek and hadn't kept a clean sheet for ages we lost 3-0.

I understand we played the better but you've got to score when you're on top and we couldn't do that. We probably didn't help ourselves by keeping one of the most wanted players outside the Prem on the bench for the second game running.

One of my regrets is that I didn't put a small fortune on us getting relegated after we'd beaten Hull.

In truth, we've been done for for some time but these last three games have shown that salvation is even beyond Jose.

Roly said he isn't preparing for League One perhaps that's because the forward thinking Belgian is already planning for life in League Two. Why not ? It's where we're heading at the moment.

What a joke ! The richest owner we've ever had and probably one of the richest in the league and he's conspired to take us down. It's not just that we're getting relegated but we're doing so in possibly the worst possibly circumstances.

Falling attendances, very few season ticket holders, lifelong fans totally turning their back on the club, the best and most qualified staff leaving, decent players going too and our club a laughing stock.

Someone's got to try and entice the fan base to renew their season tickets. I probably will but there's increasingly fewer like me..........good luck !


  1. Can't disagree with any of this. I have been a season ticket holder for 45 years, and the other half for 20, we have said if this lot are still in charge when it comes to renewal time, it's unlikely we will. I have missed 6 home games in the last 30 years so it hurts, I just feel we have no choice. We now live in Maidstone and feel more inclined to go there next season, they have far more ambition and a clear plan. With a heavy heart but I've never felt so disconnected and unenthusiastic about Charlton, I'm almost at the dont care stage

  2. i'm there already...supporter for 40 years..season ticket holder for 25.... missed a lot of home games this season for no other reason than finding something better to do - I feel obligated to go not excited. I won't be going again this season and i'm not renewing next.

  3. Hopes of survival (such as they were) are fast disappearing, both statistically and in the sense that CAFC does not possess the quality needed to win football matches at Championship level. Even if Vetokele (who seems to be the only hope of goals) returns, it is hard to imagine that he will be able to play in all or even the majority of the remaining fixtures due to his injury problems. We are where the owner's experiment deserves to be-bottom of the pile. His complacency is staggering to the degree that you have to conclude that the drop to League one is ok with his objectives (maybe preferable to that nasty expensive, money-burning Championship?) and will merely trigger cost-cutting measures to balance the loss of revenue. I wonder how many more disaffected supporters are considering Anon's position of looking elsewhere for their football fix, melting away from the dark shadow now cast over the famous Valley, waiting for another glorious return but only after RD has moved on.

  4. I have been a season ticket holder for 16 years but I fear this will be my last.
    Frankly it's just too painful to watch this great club in a spiral of destruction
    It really isn't the fact that we are doomed to relegation, we've been there before. No, it's that feeling of utter despair and loss.
    I will watch from afar, but at least I will not have to witness the decline first hand
    Sad times indeed in SE 7

  5. The decline won't end until Duchatelet gets his way and sells the Valley for re-development and the club ends up with a 12,000 capacity ground on the Greenwich Peninsula....

    What other scenario can there be for an owner who is deliberately destroying the club? The idiot agrees that he has made mistakes and then compounds them by making the same ones over and over again.... He must have a brain as he's a self-made multi-millionaire so there has to be some planning to his malevolent actions.

    I can no longer watch the self-destructing spiral by players brought in largely from overseas who are simply just not good enough for Championship football.
    I feel sorry for the few British pro's left - the likes of Jacko who must be pulling his hair out (if he has any left...) but who professionally continues to try to do his job on the field of leading the rabble through game after game...

    I don't have a season ticket as I live too far away to attend each home match but I will not visit the Valley again until Duchatelet either employs a suitable British manager or better still cashes in his 'investment' (OUR club) and gets the hell out.
    As the club consider me to be a 'customer' and I can move on if I'm not satisfied with the product then I'm going to do just that after 50 loyal years.

    IF he's a "supporter" (as he purports to be even though he's only seen 3 games in 2 years...) then I'm Mother Theresa....


  6. where's a2c when you need him? :)

    Agree with comments above, apathy will soon replace the exuberance of those up for the fight against the regime. The only slight perspective I can put on this, is that supporting Charlton Athletic over the last 30 years I have experienced many highs and lows that have included seasons across the top 3 divisions of English football - most recently, some very mediocre seasons in League 1 under Parky and Powell. It is a cyclical sport and we will have our time in the sun again once RD and his cronies have shuffled along.

  7. IF Duchatelet leaves anything behind that is salvagable Tom....

    I fear at best the Valley will be destroyed by having a block of flats replacing the Jimmy Seed stand or at worse the club will be left with a 10,000 seat stadium on the Greenwich Peninsula, and we could be playing in the National League. ...

  8. Roland doesn't understand his own plan. If it is to be a conveyor belt of talent sold to the highest bidder then it can only pay as a top championship or lower prem team. Promising league one players only command a nominal fee. Jon Jo got sold for 1.7 mil but subsequent transfers have been in the 5 mil bracket. There is no way to recoup 25 mil of training ground investment and year on year losses as the disenfranchised leave

  9. Thanks for your comments. Sadly they just reinforce what I fear is an increasing disillusionment amongst long suffering fans. Clearly only when Roly sells will many return. We will, with each passing home game, get a feel of what it'll be like next season as support totally falls away. A soulless and sterile atmosphere will become the norm perhaps even an ever more hostile atmosphere especially if we under perform at a level below. I'm sure many players will leave and I can't see us being an appealing club for many. It's all so unnecessary.

  10. The big problem is not Us going down, but the real prospect of Millwall and Gillingham comming up, putting the club in a state it won't recover from. I can see a lot of a would be next generation of CAFC fans hopping a train to gillingham or a tube to the Olympic stadium for their football fix, and our aging fan base continuing in that direction, untill we are all fed up, or shuffled off. Then and only then, when his investment is in tatters will RD accept his plan doesn't work and shuffle off himself leaving thos of us still here to buy back the valley (or level the new houses) and start again.