Thursday 27 September 2012

Not So Kean

Hope & Keen sans the Crazy Bus

Back in the day Hope and Keen were what passed for children's entertainment on BBC 1 I believe. They toured the country in their crazy bus usually getting into some " hilarious scrapes ".

Blackburn Rovers have Kean but no Hope ! That is how many Rovers fans view things until the much disliked Kean departs Ewood Park. They don't think there's much to laugh about.

We can but hope that this will work against Rovers if things don't go their way at The Valley on Saturday and their fans voice their displeasure and get on his back with the effect of unsettling the Blackburn players.

There's no mistaking that they have some quality players and it should prove to be a tough game. I believe that Rovers will win the league as I think the hapless Kean is on borrowed time. Once he's gone any competent manager that replaces him ought to get them up at least.

Jordan Rhodes hasn't enjoyed much success against us and I trust that remains the case come 4.55pm on Saturday.

Sadly we are now down by two in terms of the title winning team of last term as Yann joined Wiggins on the long term injury list. He will be missed but as others have observed this gives opportunities to others. Talking of which, for the love of God, I do hope that Evina gets a start on Saturday. Sir Chris seems to be indicating that he might and I do so hope he does. He deserves it and Solly should be playing at right back, end of !

Fuller should start again of course. He is a class act and his goal on Saturday was testament to that !

I see no reason to change the midfield that began at Portman Road. Prove positive that players should play in their best and natural positions.

Elsewhere, great to see that the Barcodes have seen fit to reward nice Mr Pardew with an eight year contract ! Bu**er me, some of us were just coming to terms with the 5 year one he got when he joined ! Little chance of him still being there in 8 years of course but every chance of him making sure he gets every last penny of compensation should he be sacked.

On a more positive Mags note, I was delighted to see Robbie Elliot play at Old Trafford last night and do so well. He made a couple of blinding saves and looked quite assured. Good for him. I hope he gets a go in the league side soon.

Enough of all that. I hope that the lads are buoyed by the win at Ipswich and gained confidence and can get something out of the game. A point would be good for me and all three, even better.

Come On You Reds !

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