Thursday 13 September 2012

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Nearly as funny as watching Palarse

It seems that you just can't turn on the telly these days without seeing an old Palarse player trying to scrape together a living by " managing " a football team. Nothing of what the armchair viewer has seen of late is about to change tomorrow night.

Folk turning on the magic lantern will be able to see Dougie Freedman attempting to get the latest recruits to the Selhurst Dream to win a game of football.

Recently I've had the good fortune to see Richard Shaw mismanage at Coventry and successfully steer them to a home defeat against Stevenage as part of his promise to get Coventry out of League One. Dickie's still got a sense of humour though as he insists he wants the job full time.........ah, the lure of the Perrier Award !

Now at international level, I've witnessed Chris Coleman do a splendid job on behalf of Welsh football. Added to that we've had the pleasure of Gareth " eat an apple through a letterbox " Southgate offering his words of wisdom on ITV sport backing up the excellent and insightful Gabriel Clarke.

It seems that you learn an awful lot at Palarse. Can't see why they'd need Lennie at all really !

The Team of the Eighties arrive at The Valley tomorrow on the back of a magnificent win against Sheffield Wednesday. Yes ! That Wednesday, you know the one that came up from League One last season, several points behind us and that we did the double over. 

So we mustn't underestimate them and they'll be lifted by playing in front of a crowd for a change and in a decent stadium too. All so very different to their usual Archibald Leitch surroundings.......apparently Archie also designed the Tesco Express in Sheffield and the Manchester much more than a one supermarket planner.

Mr Leitch probably envisaged that by 2012 some renovation and updating might have taken place but in keeping with the club itself, it's mostly been left to rot.

What news of the Palarse team ? A good question and I'm glad you asked. Let's be honest, who really gives a s**t. It matters little and we won't know any of them anyway although I believe the gentleman below is still playing up front for them.

and they said you couldn't catch TB playing football. Not that hard really.

I understand that this guy is a regular in the Palarse midfield.......

stop that laughing at the back !

Let's be fair we'd all try and disguise ourselves had we had to scrape the bottom of football's barrell ( no, I'm not referring to the Swede again ) and turn out for that mob. Even their old chairman donned the shades and turned orange.

We can all be thankful that Palarse didn't go out of business in recent years. If it wasn't for them, there'd be little to laugh at. 

Hopefully our boys can keep straight faces long enough to secure a win. I trust Hamer will return to the form he has shown for most of this season and bounce back from the blip at Forest. I believe that Stephens will return in midfield. I'm not convinced that he is as good a player as some folk seem to think. He was doing ok but I'd have bitten off Villa's hand myself for the reported money on offer. I can't think that having had his head turned he'll be in the right frame of mind but I'll defer to Sir Chris's judgement.

I'd like to see Fuller start alongside Yann. A tad harsh on BWP I know but he's too good not to and you've got to be tough as a manager and the players all know the business they're in. A fired up Bradley to come off the bench won't be any bad thing if it's not going to plan anyway.

I just know I'll be frustrated by our lack of width again tomorrow. I'm boring myself saying it now but it does need addressing and I hope it is addressed in the loan window. I wouldn't object to seeing Kerkar start but give him at least 25 minutes if it's not working out. We only started creating things when he came on at Forest as far as I could tell.

We'll all pray that Cort is fit and if not, French Connection 2 will step up to the plate with Mambo getting a rare place on the bench.

Please God that SCP uses the subs appropriately. 

It should be a cracking atmosphere with a certain Tony Christie song blaring out I trust. I'd bring back Brian Cole too for this one, he shouldn't never have gone of course especially when one remembers our chairman's own considered words for their chairman not long after ! I'd love to have seen and heard Brian on the pitch after that game !!

Come On You Reds !

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