Thursday 3 November 2011

A Sense Of Foreboding

Having shaved off his silly little beard and tache meant Phil didn't look a twat at all for his appearance on Goals On Sunday

" Can't act, can't sing, can dance a little "........allegadly this was once said of Fred Astaire but he went onto prove that critic wrong. Similar things could be said of a visitor to SE7 on Saturday. 

Phil Brown ( surely his surname should be orange ? ) brings his Preston side to The Valley for the second time this season. The previous defeat to the Lilywhites has little bearing to this weekend's game for a number of reasons. Firstly both teams fielded understrength teams with ours much more so than theirs. Secondly, of late our form has been rather good, one match aside, whilst Preston have been on a bad run which hasn't been helped by injuries to key players.

The latest to succomb is keeper Iain Turner who some may recall scored a winner in the game against Notts County when a long clearance beat the Magpies keeper. Unless a loanee is brought in before Saturday, Andreas Arestidou ( he's got Greek heritage you know ! ) will be between the sticks. The words Greek and loanee would have some blogs making pathetic jokes about the financial distaster that is Greece but as you'll know we're above all that.

It seems that other injured players include Mellor, Hume and Proctor. Lloyd Sam's old mate Ian Ashbee started on the bench last week but may make a start against us.

Preston are a famous old club who regularly turn over their managers. Few seem to last more than two or three years and I can't see Phil Brown bucking that trend. Three of the famous 1966 World Cup winners have had a go a management there. Yes Ball, Stiles and Charlton R have all at one time been in the managerial hot seat. 

Our referee on Saturday is Phil Gibbs whose last officiating with us was away to Tranmere on 18th September 2010 when he booked no less than five Addicks !

Whilst Preston have been in bad form, The Addicks have collected a maximum 9 points out of 9 following the Stevenage debacle. We've scored 10 goals in conceded just the one in that time. Therefore, with us playing so well, them playing so badly and with several injuries there couldn't be a better time to play them....could there ?

Well perhaps not but my fear as alluded to above is not just a result of the ref ! Most will probably recall the horrible, timewasting, souless football that Hull played on their to the Prem........I know I do. I think we can expect much of the same on Saturday. Brown has said he'll set up his side to get a result.....that means just one thing...he'll be happy with a draw but a goal on the break will be fine with him. I'd not be surpirsed to see a 4-5-1 or 5-4-1 or any other defensive formation you can think of !

I'm sure it won't be pretty and our inability to break these teams down doesn't bode well. Hopefully Sir Chris and the lads will have worked hard during the week to have a few ideas on how to overcome the negativity.

I'd expect the same starting eleven from the last 3 games. There's no reason to change and I think the boss has learned his lesson already this season. One bonus from Hughes inclusion is that Hollands can get forward more and he's been very effective. The emerging form of Wiggins is a real pleasure and he's certainly come on from those early season games.

This side played well from the off and to our delight has progressed nicely ever since. There does seem to be team spirit, unity, belief and a togetherness in the squad. All that is something we've not seen in Charlton teams for some time.

I hope I'm wrong about the prospects for the game but despite the date I'm not expecting any fireworks !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Glad you reminded us about Hull when they were on their way to the top. My recollection of games against Stoke and Hull in that year were awful. It got forgotten when both were christened "plucky" in their first premiership season.

    Went to see West Ham v Preston in about 1977, and I think Stiles or Charlton were manager then.

    Pembury Addick

  2. PA, yes I recall both games and they were awful.

    I can confirm that it would have been Nobby in charge of Preston at that time.