Monday 28 November 2011

It's A Funny Old Game

Patrick Monohan ( Show Me The Funny Winner ) who may well do the post match interview for Lee Clark

If it was good enough for Sir Alex to parade some poor sap for interviews in his stead then Lee Clark may well opt for Patrick Monohan to do the same. Shut your eyes when either is talking and you'd be hard pushed to know who is who although some may find Lee funnier but not intentially ! 

A late post for me and by the time you read this ( let's be honest probably no one as I sound ritual echo once more ) the game will have kicked off.

Hopefully the pressure for the Terriers to maintain their unbeaten record will weigh heavily on them. A win for us tonight would be wonderful but I'm as pessimitic as usual and then there's the t.v. cameras !

I trust we won't miss Skip to the same extent as that of last season......God help us if we do ! We are better prepared and equipped to manage without him. In addition, Ephraim who must surely play is a more than capable replacement. In addition, in Taylor we have someone who will step up to the mark as captain.

I'm keeping everything crossed for tonight and would be more than happy with a draw.

Hopefully Patrick won't be in the mood for any funnies come the end of the ninety !

Come On You Reds ! 

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