Saturday 12 November 2011

No Win Situation

Certainly not a no fin situation

Another trip opp north for our boys tomorrow for the FA Cup match with FC Halifax. First round of the cup ? Live on ITV ona Sunday ? Non-league opposition ? Footballing deja vu in every sense. Of course our boys have learned from that experience and history won't be repeating itself will it ?
For Sir Chris this is the classic no win situation for whatever he does he doesn't come out of it with any credit. Rest your key players and do owt but win and you've got it all wrong. Rest them and win by anything less 10 goals and of course it'll have been the least we could expect. Why didn't we score more ? BWP should have played the full ninety !

Worse scenarios exist in the form of playing a fairly full strength team and do anything other than win and Sir Chris must do the honourable thing and fall on his sword !

These games are such a lottery and to be honest all I'm hoping for is a win sans any injuries serious or otherwise and no yellow cards. A one nil win with a goal deflected of some poor sod's arse will do for me. We all know where the bread and butter lies and what's most important in this season.

No, for me a win and a home draw in the second round against fairly decent oppo to ensure a decent gate is reward enough for me.  

Ketts on Doctor Kish has given his thoughts on what the team is likely to be ( check it out ) and he's usually pretty much spot on with that and all things CAFC come to that. I'd like to see Poyet in the squad, good enough for the national team ( whatever that means these days ) he surely should be making the bench at least for games such as this. Sir Chris has the luxury of seven subs so he has plent of options there.

Let's hope that we can overcome the hoodo that is a televisual appearance and progress smoothly onto the
second round with our eyes firmly on the two upcoming league games that are tough and critical to our successs this season.

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  1. Gee, thanks for that Phil, the cheque's in the post mate! Watch me get it totally wrong now!!