Tuesday 29 November 2011

Hogan's Heroes

A programme from yesteryear kids.......

Really they're all Powell's heroes but you'll excuse me that as I clutch at straws for a headline I'm sure.

Wow what a performance ! Each and everyone of our boys stood up to the physical battering that we got from the Terriers. There was little protection on offer at times from a referee who wasn't flattered or swayed by the fact that he has a stand named after him at The Valley......the Roger Stand ? It sounds like a place for amourous Addicks eh !

Ne'er mind...... no one's complaining ( too much ) and the team deserves great credit as each player played their part. I was delighted with and for Solly who was truly magnificent. Each passing game only serves to highlight what a rare error was made by Sir Chris in omitting him from the team against Stevenage.

I shouldn't single anyone out because as I said they were all rather splendid. This is a match and result of some significance. If I felt that the win over Sheff Utd laid down a marker then this one has made a real statement of intent. We all have to hope that injuries and suspensions and indeed the possible sale of a player or two don't jepordise the season.

As for Huddersfield, I've said for a while now that I'd rather be top of the league than have their unbeaten record. Certainly it doesn't compare to that of Forest or Arsenal in terms of the division they've achieved it in alone. It is some achievement there's no doubt of that but possibly at the expense of turning draws into wins as they sought to maintain their unbeaten status. How they respond the last night's defeat will be interesting. I think they'll be all right and I'd be surprised if they don't finish in the top 3 let alone 2.

The last two games have summed up what you expect from teams that usually go on and win something. A less than dazzling display at Griffin Park but coming away with a win and an outstanding one with another 3 points heading our way last night. For all those Brentford fans who questioned why the Addicks were top of the league.....well you got your answer last night. Never judge a team on one performance and that we won the game anyway should tell you something.

What do we now want from Saturday's F.A. Cup game ? A win may set up a tasty third round encounter but then would impact on the league programme. Perhaps we'd settle for a win Saturday, Man City at home and an honourable defeat.

That's all for the future, for now let's bask in the glory of a fantastic win and performance last night......oh and being top of the league !

Come On You Reds !!!!

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