Saturday 19 November 2011

15 to 1 ?

William G Stewart or Bill as some of us know him.

If Charlton win today it'll be 15 wins in the season against one league defeat. All that is a tenuous link to the fact that today marks the 20th anniversary of my winning appearance on 15 to 1. Is that a good omen I wonder ? That I managed to win anything and beat 14 others in doing so remains a mystery twenty years later ! I amassed a massive score of 61 Grand Final for me then !

What a show ! Bring back 15 to 1 ! I wonder what Bill is doing these days ?

Anyway onto today and a rather late post for me.....a blessing to those who've gone to the game and will miss it ! I hope the fantastic turn out we have are in good voice. We haven't won at Griffen Park for some time so a win is long overdue. I wonder if our last win dates back 1980/81 season..........I was there for that 1-0 to us in that promtion year I recall.

I've been to the last 2 games for us there and am gutted not to make today......after all, a pub on each corner....I mean come on !!

I've been at some Schools Cross Country this morning and am pleased to report one of our Year 6 girls won her race which is a fantastic achievement and has little to do with her rather unathletic P.E. teacher !

I may adopt my policy of avoiding contact with all media until 4.50pm as it worked last time although not knowing what's occuring is unbearable and all sorts of horrible thoughts go through your mind about just how bad it could be.........sorry but being pessimistic goes with the Charlton territory doesn't it ? SE7 in the London Borough of Pessimism twinned with Le Vale Sans Hope in France.

Good luck to all at the game wherever you may be situated and let's pray for another win on the road ahead of the big match on Monday that still irks me it's not on Saturday.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Phil, I hope you avoided to the media until 5.05pm! Great result and belated congratulations on the 15-1 win..

  2. Thanks CA. I turned onto BBC 1 at 4.50pm and endured a torturous 15 mins after I saw we were leading 1-0 and I fully epxected an equaliser or I said you know the way things usually go with the Addicks ! Thankfully that wasn't the case of course.