Thursday 22 September 2011

Twisted Spire Starter !

Saltergate - The Spireites old home

Chesterfield travel to the Valley on Saturday. They no longer play at Saltergate ( pictured above ) following the infamous weighing machine scandal of the same name. The B2net Stadium is their current less romantically sounding home.

Last Sunday I passed through Chesterfield, nothing to do with research of the third tier or indeed for this blog. Readers, regular or otherwise will be fully aware that research, facts and possession of any relevant information are not associated with ANEM. I was taking my lad to university in Buxton. It was a lovely journey passing some of the most spectactular scenery this country has to offer. The drive from Buxton to Macclesfiield ( I ended up at their Moss Rose ground ) is highly recommended and I mean " drive ". Some hardy souls were cycling the route......I admire their stamina and will power but it's not something I'll be doing anytime soon !

I hope to spend a few days up there sometime in the future as it seems a lovely area to explore. Perhaps I can combine it with a visit to the aforementioned B2net in February !

Back to this Satruday's oppenents and what promises to be quite a day and the prospect of the whole event is one I'm relishing. The £5 offer has one of my lad's mates coming along so he'll balance out my Buxton living son. Senior ANEM reporter Clive ( I get a beer for every name check ! ) will be there as he's not dj'ing at some Milton Keynes society social gathering or acting as interim manager of the village footie team.

Aside from that and the prospect of quaffing a few pre and post-match ales we should again see a decent crowd at the Valley. Added to all this is soprano Victoria Stanyon, a Charlton fan no less, who will be singing before kick off. Not the usual Nessum Dorma but Jerusalem and Valley Floyd Road will be sung. Jerusalem was sung at my wedding but depsite that it remains a favourite of mine ! For me that or I Vow To Thee My Country should be our national anthem not God Save Our Queen which covers the UK as far as I'm concerned.

All that should make for a wonderful day. All we need to rely on is our boys to deliver a good performance and the 3 points at the start of a crucial 8 days of league action action for the Addicks. They, of course won't let us down will they ! We face two tough away games after Saturday and I fear we might just face Clinton Hubert Morrison again on Tuesday night if the rumours are correct.

The squad will be tested to the full I feel as the need to rest players or injuries and suspensions will no doubt play their part. Sadly no Pritchard for a while due to injury which is a real shame, hopefully his time will come. Still no sign of The Great Alonso, Man Of Mystery. Will we ever see The Spanish Pimpernel ? Who knows perhaps he's being saved for the Johnston's Paint games.

Pre-Rochdale I bemoaned the lack of the width on the left given by Jackson. Well he obviously read my blog and decided to do something about it as two goals came from that side. What ? You think it was just fate !!!

I maintain we need genuine width and wing play on the left. Daggs ( do I get a beer for a name check there too ! ) suggested that it might be worth trying Wagstaff left whilst keeping Green on the right. A good idea and one I'd favour as an option later on in a game. I firmly believe that Wagstafff's best role is as an impact sub.

I'm pleased and impressed by our ability to bounce back on the road but the concession of two quickfire goals last week is a slight concern. We can't afford any slips up against an improving side for whom Leon Clarke is on fire at the moment with a point to prove to one of our ex-players.

An exciting and important week ahead.......if you haven't already secured a ticket for Saturday then get it sorted pronto......all this for'd be mad to miss it !

Come On You Reds !


  1. What! the English National Anthem should be "Land of Hope and Glory"! Last Night at the Proms can't be wrong...

  2. Anon, point taken....I'd happily accept that as an alternative too.