Sunday 11 September 2011

Shout Dad !

Should we come away from a game feeling disappointed following a win with a clean sheet ? To be honest yes because that's how I felt yesterday.

I know it's always tough to play against 10 men but when the oppo is reduced to 10 players so early and they really aren't that good and you have promotion aspirations you really ought to put them away comfortably.

Following the exit of Nardiello it wasn't only Exeter that needed to effect a change, we needed too as well. This was either a change of formation or a sub being made. We had 4 defenders against 1 striker for the remainder of the first half. It wouldn't have been too much to ask to go to a 5 man midfield or go 3 up front with a wide man further forward. These things need addressing as we will play tougher teams with a full complement of players. Our seeming inability to adapt is a cause for concern.

Yesterday we missed a great chance to vastly improve our goal difference. I'd like to think that had Green been playing we would have done so given increased chances from his crosses alone. Wagstaff's crossing was woeful and again any attacking intent is missing. He remains an impact sub.

No decent crosses from the right, what of the left then ? To say that Jackson is playing left midfield should have the trades description people hot-footing it to the Valley ! He was so central and on several occasions was on the right. What on earth is going on ? I can only assume he's being told to do that. Time and again yesterday there was a vast empty space on the left midfield where someone should be ready to receive the ball.........they just weren't.

Jackson is a good player at this mistake about it, however, as I've remarked before it's the Nicky Bailey syndrome. We have to play skip and / or are unwilling to change the central pairing so we play Jackson ( formerly Bailey ) on the doesn't work for me.

We should have had BBC's Final Score spelling out the goals we scored yesterday but it didn't happen. We must be more ruthless and clinical in front of goal. In addition, against 10 men teams like Exeter we must create more chances.

The sending off may have been right but I've never seen a player get a straight red for the verbals before. I wish refs would be consistent.

BWP was naturally up for it yesterday and I felt that Solly and Hollands had good games. Everyone else was pretty mediocre.

I'm not sure if I'll be along on Tuesday despite really wanting to go as I'd like to see the second string as I guess it will be. Perhaps The Great Alonso ( Man of Mystery ) may make an appearance. Shades of Cory Gibbs was it who was with us for a couple of seasons but never once donned a Charlton shirt in first team if my memory serves !

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