Saturday 17 September 2011

Roch n Dale

Chip has been sidelined and Dale has teamed up with Roch. Like Ant and Dec no one knows who is who.

The lads are off to Spotland today to take on Dale.........I can't really be sure about Roch or Chip, who knows ?

Given most of our boys having a rest and the Dale playing on Tuesday and our on paper better team we ought to win. However, we know better don't we readers ! Nothing is ever straight forward and we need only rewind to last Saturday for evidence of that.

I'm not one who feels that we ought roll teams over. However, I do expect we might show more invention or tactical nous when necessary.

Wagstaff seemed to do well on Tuesday but as sub and not in the position he's supposed to be best at. If he starts ahead of Green today then it's a mistake not least because we have no width or decent supply line from the left. We really need to sort that as I feel it will cost us big time. It's not hard to envisage Wagstaff starting and nothing coming from right or left and then Green comes on to try and win or save the game.....too little too late.

I'm not wishing to sound miserable but this is so frustrating. Jackson is so much better in the middle and shouldn't be wide left. We do need to sort this.

Our form on the road has been good this season having won them all and one would hope that would continue today. Hopefully Kermogant will be on the bench and should he get on I trust will take any free kick in and around the area........Youtube evidence seems to suggest he's quite good with those.

ANEM sadly has no presence at Spotland today for reasons such as lack of funds, getting ready for Uni and in the case of senior reporter Clive.......interim manager of the local footie team and no doubt dj'ing in some village hall in deepest Bucks.

For myself I'm off to Franklins Gardens taking my mate's wife's ticket as she gave birth last week. The Saints play London Irish......depsite the absence of those on world cup duty it promises to be a good game. I'll be checking t'inernet on my mobile throughout though of course.

As I type the Irish have just beaten the, what a performance.....let's hope the Addicks more than match that !

Come On You Reds.


  1. When Green is fit, it could be possible to put him wide right. Wagstaff wide left and JJ in the middle with Hollands. Could be worth a try.


  2. Daggs, sounds a good idea for a change in a game. We do seem to lack viable alternatives and that worries me. We need to have something up our sleeve and as much as I love Sir Chris he seems reluctant / slow to adapt when we need to.