Monday 26 September 2011

Peak Practice

One of them must be called Bob.

Another good win on Saturday that we made harder work of than we should. The first half was great albeit another goal or two wouldn't have been undeserved. Again we weren't quite as good in the second half and on another day will pay for it. It was crying out for us to make a change long before they scored and I do wish Sir Chris would do that more readily.

There were good performances from most playersd especially Hollands and Solly I felt. It's all the more satisfying to see our home grown players develop and do well so Solly will always get an extra cheer from me. He has been consistently good this season.

Sadly I thought Wagstaff was virtually non-existant. Aside from the cross for the third goal he did nothing of note. I watched him closely in the second half and on several occasions when we broke forward he was making runs down the middle only going wide right when nearly on the edge of the area. Why he did that I don't know. We already had our strikers in the middle and there was no point in it. Green, if fit, simply has to start ahead of him.

I'm not sure what occured in the Jimmy Seed when our few supporters were moved out of there. It did look and seem rather silly as it left a handful of stewards to supervise no one. Are we now so affluent that we can afford to do that ?

Now onto the next two games, both of which are away. As suggested before Morrison has joined MK Dons on loan and will play against us tomorrow. You just know he'll score. Then we face Sheffield United on Saturday. 4 points from these two games will be a good return , 6 even better and 2 points having avoiding defeat would be quite good also I feel.

A challenging 5 days lie ahead of us and the squad will surely now come into play. Given the make up of the team this shouldn't prove to disruptive.I do hope that Sir Chris uses the opportunity to rest a couple.

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