Wednesday 25 November 2009

Don't Take Your Foot Off The Gas

Quite a night in S.E.7 eh ? An amazing start that saw us 2 nil up in next to no time. Cue taunts of " you might as well go home ! " from the Addicks fans. My thoughts were drawn to those of Danny Baker's Saturday show where he's been encouraging fans to shout " nothing can go wrong now ! " in the event of just such a situation. And so it proved............. !!

Rovers were truly awful in the first half and one sensed a landslide for the Londoners. Not quite as it turned out though.

Comedy defending from both teams and a similar standard of refereeing saw the game end in a six goal thriller, the second consecutive one to do so. Not sure I can't take much more of this excitment. Don't they know this is The Valley, this is Tier 3 ? It's not meant to be like this.

" Steven Cook " was fast becoming a euphemism for " totally incompetent " as the evening wore on. Some salvation arrived with the news that it was the operator of the big screen who was to blame for the 2 yellow cards scenario. This means that he's known as plain old " incompetent ".

You might accuse the ref of being gullible too, I mean, being taken in by some of that diving from the Rovers boys...........shame on you ! In addition, allowing a player well within ear-shot telling you to " F  off " without acting upon it won't command any respect now will it ?

Still the 3 points are most welcome and a week's break to stir ourselves for seaside Brighton away and seaside Southend at home.

With no game only a passing interest for us in the 2nd round of the cup. However, two matches are worthy of slight attention. Firstly, Walsall away to Brentford and Brighton at home to Rushden. I want Walsall to lose to the Bees, ideally after a replay, so that our away game stands on 2nd January. Secondly, a spanking for Brighton may help further knock any confidence following their last two games.

I don't want much so add to that an extension to Mooney's loan and that of Sodje A plus a return to fitness of Elliot, Richardson and Youga and I'll be happy !

Is wishing that McLeod never appears in a Charlton shirt again too much too hope for ? Perhaps but I suspect we'll never have cause to see him remove it again though eh !

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