Sunday 15 November 2009

Every ( Lack Of A ) McLeod Has A Silver Lining !

At last my optimism was not misplaced and we were rewarded with a win and a fine performance. Goals a plenty and there could have been more and from both teams too !

I enjoyed a splendid day with pre-match beers in the Market Porter near London Bridge. Some lovely beers on offer there.

Akpo duly joined his brother and it seems like another pair of brothers they know how to win. Perhaps the only difference is that Sam and Akpo do it with style ! It's great that we now have some options up front, not least being able to leave out you know who even when he is available. Can't see a way back for him at present.

Mooney was great and let's hope we can keep him beyond the beginning of December although if you're the Reading manager you'd be tempted to bring him back. He's a bit like Darren Bent and seems unlucky with the offisdes given against him. I'm far from convinced that the lino got those all correct yesterday !

I was pleased to see Bailey move inside and would like to see him stay there. For me he was the man of the match just shading it from Sodje S. To be honest everyone had a good game.

All credit to Parky who had been getting a lot of flack. It's now that he needs to prove his worth and he certainly did that yesterday.

The only downside was the injury to Richardson. Let's hope that clears up during the week.

Expectations are now high ahead of the trip to Yeovil. The lads need to follow up with a convincing win there next week.

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