Sunday 13 September 2009

Saints and Sinners

The Addicks just failed to get their seventh straight win courtesy of the Saints and the sinners. The sinners of course were the inappropriately named ref and the east stand lino. Incompetence personified. I could write forever on their performances but won't, let's just hope we don't see them again this season.
What then of Pardew ? Well, he set up his team to time waste and be as physical as they could and the officials would allow. The first half saw numerous nasty and cynical fouls from the Saints that almost entirely went unpunished. One assumed that the ref had left the yellow card in his dressing room.
If you were a Saints fan then you'd not be too impressed with the style of football offered up. Neither would you be pleased that it took two or three real scares before he decided to send Jaidi on and only give Papa what's his face only four minutes. None of this is a surprise to us Addicks fans who suffered months of the same.
What then of Parky ? Overall pretty good as he obviously shook the team up at half time following a pretty insipid first half display. That we didn't win was largely due to the officials, however, we were profligate in front of goal. Bailey in particular springs to mind with his chance, overall not one of Nicky's better games. A shame that Youga's effort didn't sneak in off the inside of the post.
I was dissappointed that we didn't send McLeod on for the last ten minutes. I don't rate him much but his pace might have fashioned a chance as it did the week before.
I'd like to have seen Sam swap to the left, if only for a while, to have a go at Thomas and the hapless Trotman. In addition, we know that Llera is good at free kicks and I'd like to have seen him have a go.
Still, much to be pleased about and we managed to stand up to the physical stuff and with a better ref ( did I mention that ? ) would have been able to be more fluent.
We have a long wait for our trip to St Mary's, however, when we do go I don't expect Pardew to be there. " Mutual consent " may well come before Christmas........and they say lightening never strikes twice !

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