Sunday 27 September 2009

Melodic Laze

Regular readers will know of my dislike for the Addams Family song. A view shared by many I know. Therefore, I was not best pleased when I noticed Uncle Fester look alike Rob Edwards ( aged 103 ) at the heart of the Grecians defence beleiving this would give rise to it !
Happily though my fears came to nowt. Renditions of the infamous song were like Fleetwood attempts on goal.........feeble. One early in the first half and one in the second. They never got off the ground. Perhaps the warnings before both halves had the desired effect. Let's hope so.
Warm up gave rise to concern for there was no Semedo. This meant a change to the line up just when we'd got to being able to recite the starting eleven a la the firemen from Trumpton.........Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb ( honourable mention to Captain Flack ) !
I felt that this would mean Bailey moving to the centre and Basey in at left back ( with Youga moving forward ) or left midfield. Strangley Spring came into the middle and Bailey retained the left side. Spring was to slowly impose himself on the game and ultimately did quite well.
The Addicks started well and displayed the good passing and movement of recent weeks. Sadly no end product though and there were a couple of scares from the Devon boys. It was finally the skipper who broke the deadlock in what was a vastly improved performance. I'd backed him to score the game before. If that's how it works then I predict a Bailey hat-trick against Colchester !
The second half saw more nice football from the home side but again nothing to show. Racon blazed a volley over the bar. If only he elected to place it.......the goal was largely at his mercy.
Parkinson for once made, for him, an early substitution with Mcleod on for Burton after 70 minutes and later Wagstaff on for Racon before a late Sodje appearance replacing Shelvey. Mcleod duly scored 3 minutes remaining. At the time I thought it was a straight forward effort but to be fair he did put it away quite well. Shame he didn't keep his shirt........always a daft booking that one.
Still time though for a late Exeter goal from Beti Bassett or some such after an Elliott fumble. A scuffle with Rob Elliot saw Troy Archibald-Henville become only the second booking of the day. Clearly the ref had been saving the ink for this one. " There's only one Troy Archibald-Henville " ah just rolls off the tongue eh !
Just time for a trademark Sodje header to make the day complete.
How to view this one then. Well I'm sure we'll play better and lose, we're still top two, so let's just enjoy the melodic laze courtesy of Izale McLeod !

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