Sunday 20 September 2009


That's how I felt after a controversial last minute goal saw us drop two points and surrender top spot to Leeds.

The day started well with a pretty good drive to Norwich aided by listening to the excellent Danny Baker and late summer sun. Danny Baker has the best anecdotes and manages to tease some quality ones from his listeners too.

Feeling very hungry it was tempting to stop at one of the many roadside cafes and food vans on the way. My favourite was the one owned by a gentleman called Carl. If that's your moniker and you sell burgers what else can you call it other than " Carlsburger " ! He's even gone to the trouble of copying the green writing and font of the lager.

Managing to resist the temptation my eldest son and I arrived in Norwich just before midday to park at County Hall where a number of Addicks had also parked up. We'd not got tickets so whisked off to the ground to secure those.

A pleasant walk in the sunshine led us to find a nice spot by the river to grab something to eat. Then off to the ground. What a great atmosphere there is at Norwich and a number of decent fans willing to chat about life in the third tier. Sadly, like a wedding cake it did all end in tiers....sorry !

 I was planning on treating myself to one of Delia's pies but after having had lunch didn't have room.

Prior to kick off the teams were announced but what for must have been reasons of national security our subs were not announced. Good job then that we'd worked out who they were from the warm up.

A nice touch saw the mascots of both sides introduced and allowed to run, in varying fashion, to the centre circle to lap up some appluase.

Pre-match saw a number of folk in costumes..........I understood the canary but the racoon and the cat ? A shame that their number wasn't matched by ballboys. There seemed only to be 2 on duty !

We took the lead from a well placed Burton header against the run of play to be honest. An excellent Sam cross saw Shelvey match that with a deft header.

Quick thinking from Norwich and sloppy defending from us saw the canaries grab a lifeline just before the break. Queue celebrations and music. Why is it that clubs feel the need to play music when their team score ? It isn't ice hockey for God's sake ! Someone should ban it !

Half time came and it was a pleasure to meet Ketts from the DoctorKish website. We were both a bit concerned about the late Norwich goal and how right we were.

The second period was mostly about us defending. We squandered a couple of good chances to put the game to bed. I felt we'd hold on as the clock ticked away but then came the late, late equaliser.

I was deflated and it seemed like a loss. That feeling wasn't helped by the idiots around me who decided to pick a fight with Norwich fans. That really got me down........more of that tomorrow perhaps.

Commentary of the West Ham game on 5Live meant listening to Stan Collymore on the way home.....and I thought it couldn't get worse !

I'd have taken a point before kick off. Let's hope we can get to winning ways next at home next Saturday.

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