Monday 21 September 2009


What was by and large a thoroughly good away day on Saturday was spoilt by a few idiots purporting to be Charlton fans and members of the human race. Never mind the late goal from Norwich I was more disappointed, ashamed and embarrassed by and for the protagonists.
The Drinking During The Game blog has mentioned it and I agree what's been written. A small number decided it'd be really good to give it large to Norwich fans in a mainly family stand. They weren't watching the game and looked even more silly when the goal went in.
The Addams Family song is as old as the hills. It's never been funny or clever. Obviously someone thinks it is humourous and if it's funny once then it's funny a thousand times. Not it's not my friends !
That some fans routinely sing it at every game is humiliating. Given that it's more than a few singing it then we've a real problem that needs addressing because I think it's even more shameful at home. Is this really the best we can do ?
It was sung very aggressively on Saturday along with an hilarious re-wording of a Wurzels tune. I bet the good folk of Norwich haven't heard that before............well done lads !
Sadly it wasn't just a few adolescents incapable of finding their backside with both hands. There were some who should at their age know better.
I don't want to be associated with people like that and it makes me wonder about going to away games. I'm aware that a similar situation occured at Southampton away last season. Charlton doesn't need or want them and it needs to do something to root them out. I can't think it's that difficult to do in this day and age.

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  1. Agree entirely Phil. The club can surely - at the very least - put out a warning statement. All clubs print warnings that racist behaviour will not be tolerated, so how about distancing themselves from incest?