Tuesday 18 October 2022

Up Pompey!

I know we have a decent record against Pompey and seem to play well when there’s a wiff of a protest in the air but I don’t think many of us saw that coming.

It was a really good performance from the boys in red. It was committed and lasted for the full 90 minutes and more!

At last, there was an intensity, intent and endeavour throughout. I liked that we were more physical than we have been. We didn’t allow ourselves to be bullied, something that would have dismayed one member of staff!

We imposed ourselves on the game and played with a good tempo. So often we’ve started slowly and let the oppo take the initiative.

Great too to see us score from a well worked set piece. Inniss showing great determination to get on the end of that corner. More of that please!

This has to be the best performance, certainly at home, all season. It just goes to show how this team can play and how criminal it is that Garner hasn’t been properly backed.

A minimal amount of investment would have secured those extra two or three players of real quality that could do a job at this level.

We oughtn’t to write off the season just yet I guess but it would take a monumental effort to get into even the play-offs. I don’t think we can sustain this level for the rest of the season or until January at least.

There were so many good shifts across the whole team. Dobson was as ever at the heart of things. He is so often breaking up attacks and setting us on our way. Why he wasn’t made captain I don’t know.

Speaking of which, praise is due to our skipper. Stockley really put in a shift last night, he never stopped running and chased everything. He may not have scored but that had a lot to do with him not getting the right ball into him and also his unselfish running creating opportunities for others.

CBT was excellent and one hopes that he can become more consistent over the coming games. He really can give us an edge when he’s on the money as he carries a real threat.

JRS is another who can do that although his inexperience and naivety lets him down. I guess it’s to be expected and he wouldn’t be with us if he were the finished article.

I’m sure in time he will know when to try a bit of skill and when to play it simple or release the ball earlier. A coach has to tread a fine line with players like him as you don’t want them not to be afraid to use their skill or try something different. It’s a question of being judicious about it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game more so than the win over Plymouth as I thought we worked harder for it and were more solid throughout.

Last night really gave me a lift. It doesn’t change mine or anyone else’s views of our owner of course. He still needs to go because as last night showed, we could be doing so much better. We will have to battle on and continue to hope that our strikers remain fit and available.

The cup draw also took place last night and it threw up an intriguing tie against Coalville. I don’t normally bother with the Cup but given my dearth of live games this season I’m going to make every effort to attend.

That depends on trains running and sensible ticket pricing from our now shy and retiring owner who was last seen hiding under a desk with the P.M. I believe! BOOM!

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  1. Thass juss wot I think on the game n owner n all but poor Liz.