Wednesday 26 October 2022

Quelle Surprise!

Seasoned Addicks had half expected defeat last night, we’re Charlton, it’s what we do!

Our history is littered with matches such as last night where, for once, we find ourselves favourites but only succeed in losing.

The game exposed the fragility of our squad and again, the awful summer transfer window. The lack of the additional striker alone was shown up. Having coped without Miles Leaburn in the previous two games this was a game too far using stand-ins.

Further to that our defence was unsettled in Sessegnon being moved to the bench. His replacement, Clare, really struggled at left back. Whilst he was played out of position he had an awful night that can’t just be brushed away purely by that.

We do have a competent and natural replacement in Clayden but in one of enlightened moments we’ve decided to loan him out of course.

Clare’s failure to shepherd the ball out of play in the first half led to a cross that should have been slotted home by Grigg, who thankfully opted for power over accuracy resulting in his shot hitting the bar.

It was to prove a stay of execution of course as a well drilled MK side stuck to the game plan that delivered their win.

There’s no doubt that it wasn’t a penalty for the first goal and considerable doubt that it was even a foul that led to a second yellow and then red for Inniss. However, it’s difficult to argue that we deserved anything from last night’s efforts.

We were slow and over fussy in and around the box. When players should’ve shot they passed and vice versa. It was a frustrating watch.

Garner delayed far too long to get Aneke on and he should have partnered Stockley. The skipper wasn’t having a great time but a greater threat would have come from those two in tandem.

Chuks needed to come on no more than 10 minutes into the second half. Despite the small squad and lack of striking options, that one is down to Garner.

How we can go from a display such as the one against Pompey the previous week to that of last night is baffling. Gone was the intensity and quicker pace of the previous Monday.

We will need to a much improved show by all concerned and probably a return to the starting eleven for Sessegnon and CBT. We will, of course, now be without Inniss as the defence is again disrupted.

Ipswich will pitch up at The Valley in second place. A couple of defeats in recent games show they are not unbeatable. However, they will start as strong favourites and carry a real threat up front.

On Saturday, we won’t mind another surprise but one that this time will be in our favour.

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  1. Shockin juss shockin, Inniss deserved is red card n all on ere.