Friday 14 October 2022

Highway To Hell!

AC/DC’s famous track would be an apt new release for the banjo man. He really ought to cover it as it’ll have more bearing in reality than “Addicks To Victory!” 

The lyrics are so much more apt. Let’s compare……. 

We fightin', you will see (oh, oh, oh-oh), Addicks to victory (oh, oh, oh-oh) 

Living easy, lovin’ free, Season ticket on a one way ride (down the football pyramid) 

Eyes among you, all the adrenaline, And determined for a clean sheet win 

Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme, Ain’t nothing I’d rather so, Going down, party time

All together now……… 

I’m on the highway to hell, on the highway to hell (repeat to fade or when you reach National League South!) 

Sandgaard has really been shown up for what he is in the last few months with even the most ardent of apologists now admitting defeat. His fall from grace is nearly as fast as the current PM (you could argue she never had far to fall but you get my drift!). 

The limelight loving Dane come American businessman has gone very shy of late not so much as a “Boom!” on Twitter of late although there’s not been much call for that to be honest! 

I said some while ago that he is the latest in a very long line of football club owners who thought that running a football club is easy. Then shortly after fall flat on their a**e! 

It was clear from the start that the man has an ego and fair play most successful people whatever their line of work have and perhaps to an extent need that. Given what had gone before most fans were prepared to swallow that, suffer his awful tune and his pre-match strutting round the pitch. 

Over time it became clear that he wanted to do things his own way, unfortunately, that was a euphemism for badly! In fact, as it turns out disastrous! 

His recruitment strategy in all areas of the club has proven to be awful. He’s got rid of some of the finest staff we’ve ever had whilst retaining the worst. 

I’m sure he considers himself a great communicator but over time he’s shown himself to be totally crass with little control over the output from a number of sources not just his own kith and kin!

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of his stewardship is on the financial side. Over the passage of time he has shown a degree of ignorance that even Kwasi would be proud of! 

It would appear that his companies (the one area has done well in) are failing also. Hardly the Midas touch for Tommy at present. 

At the heart of it all is his refusal to seek or listen to advice always thinking that he, the good doctor or young Martin (supported by his laptop and whizzy programme) knew best. 

It might be funny if it weren’t so serious or the latest in many years of suffering for the beleaguered Charlton supporter. It seems incredible that we had the wonderful years of stability and success under Curbs/Murray. Sadly, younger fans won’t ever have known that. 

In an ironic twist of fate, Sky decided a few weeks ago that our game v Portsmouth would be ideal viewing for the Monday night audience. It’s a match that will serve to highlight to all and sundry just how bad things are on and off the pitch. 

Even a cursory glance will show how little Sandgaard has invested in the team especially if Leaburn is injured. We can play with two up front and with no suitable replacement on the bench or start with one up front with only the luckless Aneke to bring on. 

The latest alledged under funding / cost cutting in the academy will take a bit longer to impact and become obvious but it’s all part of the current malaise. 

The natives are restless and there will no doubt be some anti-Sandgaard chants. They will only get worse if we are playing badly or/losing, especially if heavily so. 

Tommy deserves all he gets and he now cuts a rather pathetic figure. Our only hope is that he sells up soon and to someone with just smidgen more of common sense and humility!


  1. Totally agree Phil. Sandgaard simply doesn't understand the English Football League or the club's supporters (we're all "vinegar pissers" as described by Duchatalet remember...). He is little more than an arrogant dictactor happy to put his own family into positions of (so-called) power at the cost of previously loyal employees. Nepotism is alive and well and can be seen at The Valley!
    A manager who makes a mistake can be forgiven if he learns from his mistakes - if he repeats those mistakes (ie the club's recruitment policies over the last 2 close seasons...) then he deserves to be instantly dismissed. When that 'manager' is the owner of the club then you are really in trouble - as we are with a look at the league table, and our third win of the season last Tuesday cannot hide the fact that Sandgaard's transfer policy has been little short of a disaster over the last 2 summers.
    This is NOT fantasy football played on a computer, it is REAL football played by human beings who make errors, who make effort beyond their normal ability, who are both fallible and infallible. Employing your son to scout using computer performance records is only ever going to end in disaster if you don't take into account the 'human element', something that only an expert scout can assess by physically watching a player in a match or two or three or four. Does he have 'the bottle', is he a team player, is he prepared to make a last ditch tackle without fear of taking an injury? Sandgaard junior cannot assess this through his computer screen - but there he is, a major part of the recruitment team. Nepotism in action....

    In the name of God, go now Sandgaard - and take your wife and son with you as all three of you are doing Charlton Athletic more harm than you can imagine or understand.
    I do believe that you came into our club full of good intentions - the problem is that your ego got in the way...!

  2. Anon, agreed. I felt it wasn't good when Tommy starting dictating the style of play. Matters got worse when he failed to give the manager the players needed to deliver it. Sandgaard was right when he said Martin knows more than him about football. Martin is no more than your average armchair fan so in that respect he's right for once.
    As you say you can't assess a player from a computer programme and stats. It's nonsense. All that aside Junior has no relevant experience.
    Sandgaard repeatedly sets people up to fail.
    I hope he's gone soon and certainly by January.