Wednesday 12 October 2022

Devon Knows We're Not (Quite) So Miserable Now!

Finally, the Addicks got back to winning ways on Tuesday evening. Playing Devonian clubs midweek seems to suit us. We’ve recorded 2 wins, scored 9 and conceded only 3 in securing the 6 points from those games.

The result is a massive relief to the manager, player and fans. That possibly extends to the owner too but I really don’t think he’s that fussed beyond it buying him a bit of respite from the recent unrest.

That unrest arises from more than just a poor run of results and performances of course. The win poses a bit of an issue for those seeking to voice their discontent at the Pompey game on Monday. Had we lost last night I feel that fans would be organising something I’m sure.

Fans would want to get behind the team but the opportunity to display displeasure at Sandgaard’s ownership live on Sky is one that many won’t want to pass up. Mind you, a poor performance and heavy defeat will lead to spontaneous disapproval anyway.

I didn’t see the game as I can’t make midweek games save for the odd exception and I was out last night. I’m not sure that I’d have parted with £10 even if I had been able to do so all things considered.

I understand that this was an altogether better showing and one that lead to a deserved win. Pre-match I thought that Exeter would prove a tough nut to crack as they’ve been playing well of late with a consistent starting eleven.

Great to see Leaburn score again. Aside from the obvious reasons to love him anyway, the lad is a real talent and one that needs to be nurtured in the right way. I hope the knock he suffered yesterday isn’t too serious. 

Another goalscorer was the returning Aneke. Great to see him back and straight into it. We all know that on his day he capable of playing at a higher level but injuries prevent that. Having to wait until mid October to see him play following a seemingly innocuous injury isn’t good.

Naturally, we hope that this will be a springboard for an upturn in fortune and results. However, our paucity of striking options means we’re on something of a knife edge in that respect.

Last night aside, we’ve played all season with barely two strikers. If two of them are out or even worse, all three then we really are in trouble.

It’s good to get the win but the issues on and off the pitch remain. I think we’re going to stay battling relegation particularly is we don’t get a new owner as I can’t Tommy investing in January. The current backdrop of cost cutting alone suggests that.

Currently, all games are tough for us but the remainder of October will prove particularly testing. We need to keep all our strikers (not just Chuks) wrapped in cotton wool and keep our fingers firmly crossed!

The Portsmouth game is pivotal for so many reasons. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out but I think we may be watching from behind the sofa and I don’t mean the infamous red one!

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