Friday 17 December 2021


Uncertainty to the left of me, uncertainty to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with Yule!

The latest Covid variant has left us wondering t what extent the festive football programme and indeed beyond will be affected. No clear message is coming from the Government and it’s left in the air to a degree.

There’s being vague and there’s being vague but suggesting that we prioritise things that are important to us really doesn’t help. One man’s meat is another man’s poison eh?

Additionally for us Addicks, we have the ongoing issue of when and now whether, Jackson and Euell will be made permanent. That it wouldn’t happen seemed inconceivable a couple of weeks ago. However, as it has unnecessarily dragged on that is a possibility.

It was always my view that Jackson should have got the job when Adkins was appointed. Given his immediate and terrific impact when he got the caretaker role it certainly ought to have happened in a matters of days.

I really feel that Roddy has had a hand in both matters. As the Director of Football or whatever his role is ( does anyone actually know?) surely he ought to be saying something?

We’re left clinging to the hope that this will end with the outcome we all so desperately want.

If the Plymouth game does go ahead let’s hope that we can continue our fine run which has seen us record 3 back to back wins if one includes the Cup game.

The scenario is very different to the one that saw us hosting the Pilgrims just a few weeks ago. At that time they were on a fine run and in good form. Since then of course things have taken a bit of a down turn with  poor results and their manager moving on.

However, similarly to us they appointed their assistant manager although they have dillydallied and he was made permanent immediately. Steven Schumacher seems highly thought of and is expected to do a good job. As ever, I don’t expect any complacency on the part of Jacko and the team.

Covid aside, I’m not aware of any new injury worries or issues. We ought to travel full of confidence and expectation. The simple fact is that we must keep winning if we are to put pressure on those above and to retain any realistic chance of attaining a play-off spot.

Best wishes and safe travelling to all those who are going. May you be rewarded with a win and good display!

Come On You Reds!

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