Friday 10 December 2021

More Of The Same Please!

The Addicks are back home again on Saturday and with the addition of another bumper crowd it promises to be another entraining afternoon 

On the pitch we find ourselves in a good place. Everyone is 100% behind our management team. Everyone it seems apart from Sandgaard and perhaps, whoever is advising him that those permanent contracts need to wait.

This has long gone beyond a joke now and Thomas is doing his credibility no good whatsoever with each passing day. He was slow to dismiss and even slower to appoint.

In both cases the need to act has been blindly obvious and it calls into question his ability to make the big decisions. Ironically, had he sought to appoint someone from outside the club, there would have been no trial period. No contract less than two years.

If he offers anything less than 2 year contracts then his judgement seriously is flawed.

With this and a couple of other issues, I’m losing a little faith and it’s taking the gloss of what has otherwise been a honeymoon period for the new owner.

In respect of the match itself, Cambridge will offer another tough test as pretty much every game is in this league.

The U’s put 5 past Cheltenham on Tuesday night and so will arrive in S.E.7 full of confidence. However, so did Plymouth a couple of weeks and we know what happened then!

The team produced probably their best performance of the season on Tuesday and will be equally confident. Unless there are any injury concerns one assume pretty much the same starting eleven.

One possible alteration might be Leko coming in for DJ but other than that everyone deserves to keep their place.

Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have a better journey down than last time but the same result and performance and I really won’t give a damn!

Come On You Reds!


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