Monday 13 December 2021

Onwards and Upwards!

The Addicks secured another win on Saturday against another team who were bang in form.

Cambridge arrived in S.E.7 having bagged 5 goals in midweek. However, a combination of resolute defending, great goalkeeping and poor finishing saw them depart with a nil to their name.

Compared to Tuesday’s win over Ipswich, this was a more workmanlike display from our boys. However, it’s the type of games you need to win and in this manner if you’re to climb the table.

The win put us back in the top half of the table. Clearly, we are making progress but this run needs to be maintained.

To get into the play-offs alone is asking a lot. We’re not trying to close the gap on just 3 or 4 teams. There are about 7 or 8 that we need to chase down and that, of course, makes the task that much harder.

There were a few tired legs on the pitch which is only to be expected given how we are now playing. Jacko demands a pressing game.

Tired limbs weren’t confined to the players as the referee’s arm must have been aching given the number of cards he bandied about. I counted 8 in the first half alone.

What a contrast to the excellent refereeing from Tuesday’s game. The game was more niggly than dirty. The excessive card flourishing saw a few players walking a tightrope.

Stockley not the least of these as got fired up just before half time. The break arrived at the right time for him.

Jayden will be a target and one can understand his frustration as he was on receiving end of many niggly fouls and shirt pulls. To be fair he pretty much laughed off the majority of them.

The trio of on field officials had a poor day. How both ref and AC stand lino missed the shirt pull Stockley got in the second half is a total mystery.

Match winning displays from Washington who added the goals that his performances have merited, MacGillivray with at least two goal denying saves and Pearce who was just wonderful throughout.

It makes so much difference when the team is given 100% and the way we play entertains and add in a win and all is good with the world and our Saturdays are complete!

The busy Christmas schedule lies in wait and this week is the last time the players will have any real opportunity to train fully and for a recovery of sorts.

One hopes that we will add at least one striker to our ranks in the next transfer window. We could do worse than see if we can lure Chuks back on loan.

He’s not featured too much for Birmingham and he would do well if he was prepared to come and Bowyer is happy to loan him out.

That’s one for the future and in the meantime we continue to hope that permanent contracts for Jacko and Euell will finally be sorted this week.

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  1. Yeah well they've been all sor'ed ahrt n now JJ is our gaffer n no longer caretaker on ere. Thass up to King Lee if e will loan back Chuks but can't see it appenin meself. Washington n arf doin well this season consistent n all so less ope it carries in is teamin with Stockley up front.