Wednesday 8 December 2021

Luvvly Jubbly!

Back to winning ways in the league and in some style. If we’d been a bit more clinical we’d have scored at least 6 goals. Hey, this is Charlton though and thus, the second and deciding goal, didn’t come until late into the game.

Worth the wait though wasn’t it? A lovely solo run and finish from Gilbey. Having failed to score from the vast array of chances set up following short, sharp passes and good movement, it needed to be executed in that fashion.

Whilst accepting that Ipswich were poor, it was probably our finest performance of the season even if Adkins might argue that we had a good 20 minute spell in a game back in September!

Despite only leading by the single Stockley goal for so long it was one of those rare occasions when you felt reasonably assured of an Addicks victory.

The transformation from the dross we witnessed under Adkins to last night’s display was chalk and cheese. Watching Ipswich, it was not difficult to imagine that our Nige had taken over at Portman Road as they looked lost and devoid of any game plan or shape.  

A lot of their players are capable of so much better. Not least amongst those is Fraser who ran the show when we played MK last season. He was probably glad to be subbed.

Whoever does take on the manager’s role has a hell of a lot to do to sort matters on the pitch and repair them off it as the fans are clearly turning on the players. Good luck to them, not every club has a legend like Jacko to do so!

Man of the match was a tough choice as not only did no one have a bad game, each player did so well.

The Stockley – Washington partnership was a joy to behold with Washington’s finishing to the only Achilles heel. I guess if his scoring ability matched his all round movement and running he’d not be with us.

We could have had about 8 names on the scoresheet last night such was the dominance and willingness of the lads to get in and around the box. A bit more composure, clinical striking and picking the right option  would help but it seems a bit churlish to be so picky after that.

I understand that Jacko is likely to be announced as permanent manager on Saturday. Not before time but it is pretty insulting that he hasn’t got it before now.

Had Sandgaard appointed someone from outside the club he wouldn’t have had the luxury of, what has effectively become, an on the job interview.

If Jacko is confirmed, then the proper planning on the transfer window can commence. One can but hope that Roddy is nowhere near it but I fear he’ll have his mucky paws over it.

One thing slightly took the edge off last night’s win and that is the playing of Addicks To Victory immediately after the final whistle. Please God, no! Why trample over years of tradition by playing that?

All we want to hear is the crowd singing and clapping and then play Red, Red, Robin after that. It’s how it’s always been. Please, Thomas, leave your tune for another time!


  1. Hi Phil I am eating humble pie. I never warmed to Stockley last season and the start of this as I thought he was only a good header of the ball, (never doubted his heart though). past outings have shown that he can finish with his feet as well. So I can only attribute that to how Adkins set the team up around him. Now Jacko (saint Jacko?? working miracles??) has changed the system Stockley has become a much more rounded player. Washington was second highest goal scorer last year so I am sure it is just a question of him getting one or two to see him bloom. Let Mr Sandgaard play his tune ... small price to pay wouldn't you say? Happy Christmas mate see you soon

  2. Hi Martin,
    I hope all is good with you.
    Yeah, it's hard to believe that this is the same squad. I think Adkins had them totally confused, didn't know his best eleven and lacked any clear game plan.
    Can't agree about the tune. There's a time and a place and immediately after the final whistle isn't it!

  3. I have always been of the opinion since we were relegated from the Prem there is such a thing as overcoaching. When I was taught football nearly 60 years ago it was beat a man draw a man pass. Then find a gap to be passed back to. If you couldn't beat a man or ass find another sport