Tuesday 17 August 2021

MK Away

Tonight we face the Dons of MK following hot on the heels of the Dons of Oxford if you’ll permit me that tenuous connection.

Unlike the majority of those students who recently received their results, an assessment of the Addicks’s start to the season is somewhat disappointing.

The two league performances to date have been insipid and uninspiring. At least one could point to a fairly solid defensive display against Wednesday but that wasn’t the case on Saturday.

Oxford ought to have won 3-1. That the U’s are far from the strongest team in the league is further cause for concern. Perhaps more worryingly than that Karl Robinson, hardly a man noted for his tactical genius, managed nullify one of the few attacking threats we have!

There were so many poor returns from a number of players. I hope that Adkins can galvanise the team ahead of what will be another tough game tonight.

I think we all appreciate that Rome wasn’t built in a day and it will take time to reverse years of neglect and chronic mismanagement of our club. However, Thomas and Nigel haven’t helped themselves with some over exuberant comments.

This squad obviously needs strengthening but even in the worst of times we were in a better place in terms of recruitment than we are now.

It was good to get Stockley but our failure to replace our top goalscorer, Aneke, by this stage doesn’t look good.    

Looking at tonight’s oppo and you’ll see they recruited Troy Parrott who would have fitted the bill perfectly. I know we were interested in him a couple of seasons ago so am unsure why wouldn’t have pursued him now.

I’m sure more bodies will be coming in but the clock’s ticking and we don’t want to end up making signings for the sake of it so to speak.

I hope I’m wrong but I do fear that Ged Roddy has added a layer complication to the recruiting process. I think most of us would trust Gallen’s judgement without hesitation but Thomas has put a lot of faith in Roddy across all areas and I feel he is getting the final say.

That aside, in the short term we need to start creating more chance and upping our game overall. Let’s hope that starts tonight.


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