Wednesday 18 August 2021

A Bit Of A Mess

 Another disappointing display and result at MK Dons yesterday that gives further concern to a very disappointing start to the season.

We were on top for about the first 15 minutes when we scored. After that we went into our shell and lacked any real ambition.

Once MK had scored their first goal the writing was on the wall. They had the game sewn up after their second and we never really troubled them again.

I don't think we had an effort on target in the second half. The arrival of Dean Lewington should have heralded more attacks down their left hand side but it didn't and I think on only two occasions did we do so.

Our attacking intent consisted of long balls up to Stockley who had no hope as he cut an isolated figure with no one near to offer any kind of support. It didn't stop us trying though!

Adkins say he wanted us to play a pressing game but time and again MK were able to play the ball easily out from the back as only Stockley was near to press! Nothing was changed to address though!

From what I've seen so far this season there is no discernible game plan allied to an ineffective midfield. 

The booing at full time indicates that fans patience is wearing thin. No amount of platitudes or positive spin from Adkins will do no more than paper over the cracks.

I know that Lee Bowyer would often shoot from the hip but I'd rather that than failing to be open and honest about the team's shortcomings.

What message is sent to the players but selecting the same starting eleven after such an abject display on Saturday against Oxford?  

One can't help but wonder why it was decided that Shinnie and Pratley were surplus to requirements. In the case of Pratley it can't be because of age as we've retained Gunter and Watson who bring little to the party. 

Someone made that decision but we don't know who or why. The same can be levelled at our current recruitment policy. I wrote yesterday that Roddy's involvement added another layer of complication to the process.

I refuse to accept that having got it so right for so many years against the worst of all possible backgrounds, Steve Gallen has suddenly lost his Midas touch! We are led to believe that he is now just doing the contract negotiations. If that's the case, what a waste! 

I think we need more detail on Ged Roddy's involvement in transfer and recruitment activity. Further to that, a precise explanation of his role would be good. 

I do feel that he is having a very large say on all football areas of the club yet we've heard virtually nothing from him since his arrival.

Someone else we've not heard much from of late is Jacko. Skip in recent seasons has been quite prominent and we'd often hear from him. Now, Covid enforced isolation of Adkins aside, we've heard diddly squat!  

It's clear that we need a number of players to boost our flimsy squad. They need to be of decent quality too and not just there to make up the numbers. However, time is running out and we're going to be desperate soon, leaving ourselves at the mercy of clubs and agents.

There's a lot that needs to be put right. The team and style of play needs shaking up. One up front isn't working and especially at home we need two. Ditch the consistent long ball approach, it isn't working.

I'm happy for Adkins to be given more time, after all, it's early days and the transfer window is still open. However, the signs aren't great and he needs to get his act together fast and give over to a bit of plain speaking. Fans aren't stupid we know what we see.



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