Monday, 19 February 2018

Joe Plays, We Win !

Charlton got back to winnings ways on Saturday against a really poor MK team who look in real trouble. Their new manager hasn't brought any kind of bounce and that's probably not surprising given his lack of experience. The first half that saw no shots on target from them followed a second half against Oldham on Tuesday that matched that. 

The absence of Chuks Aneke certainly didn't help them and Saturday's game was their 6th straight defeat. It wouldn't be a total surprise if the new man doesn't see out the season.

The win for The Addicks was crucial if we're to hold on to any hope of getting into the play offs. The goal that was conceded immediately after going 2-0 up was a concern of course. However, the greater concern remains in respect of our inability to make our dominance tell.

In one passage of play in the second half there were about 8 passes in and around the area when someone just needed to shot. I remember being told to take one or no touches in the area, makes sense to me.

There has been a focus on the defensive errors in recent games and of course it's a worry but if we had converted more chances it wouldn't be an issue at all.

Joe Aribo was restored to the starting line up and so, of course, we won ! Hopefully he's back to stay. Joe seems on occasion to be a step or two ahead of some players. He seems destined for great things and let's hope he achieves them with us.

Joe was unlucky not to score with his shot that struck the upright.

I couldn't understand why we didn't attack Lewington more from the off. One of the slowest ( and oldest ) defenders in the league and we put Reeves ( playing out of position ) up against him. It was baffling. 

KaiKai had a poor game and didn't get into it at all. However, bearing in mind the above it must have been worth switching him across to the right surely ? He has to improve as his reputation is that of a lot better player.

I've read that some folk thought Marshall did well when he came on. Maybe it's me but I didn't !  I was pleased to see him come on when he did as I thought he'd really go at Lewington. Sadly, he didn't and again two or three times he stopped with the ball at his feet looking clueless. 

Marshall seems to lack the desire to run at players and take them on. One would like to see him even just push the ball past and run with the pace he has. It's a mystery as I'm sure he can't have been doing that last season.

Magennis worked hard and deserved his goal following a lovely cross form JFC. Judging by his effort when through one on one with the keeper it appears he's only likely to score close to goal. He should have done a lot better with that.

Bauer was immense and his injury is a concern. The return of Pearce was a welcome sight.

I assume that Robinson has plans for Zyro. The guy has hardly set foot on the pitch since joining us and I fail to see why.  He needs to be given an opportunity and also game time at Under 23 level too with an eye on fitness.

Saturday and a tougher test in Shrewsbury awaits. Luckily for us the Shrews are playing Gillingham tomorrow night. We have a full week to prepare and so ought to be in better shape as should those injured and returning players.

Should the sale of the club complete this week then that would be a tremendous filip for one and all. With it being a football for a fiver game what a crowd and atmosphere we could expect. Let's hope that it comes to pass.


  1. There simply is no T/O and we have been lied to and decived yet again. The Rat is obviously putting the price up each time. FFS just how much money does he need. Greedy basket

  2. I hope not John. Clearly he's held out for as much as he can get as evidenced by McLeish's comments. The general view seems to be that the Aussies are in prime position. Whoever it is let's hope it concludes soon. Very much in keeping with Roly to drag it out.

  3. If one potential party has pulled out, doesn't that strengthen the hand of the other party to get an even better (lower) deal? Sounds like a Dutch auction but can't see Roly obliging..

    1. CR, you’re right and it should do. I’m not sure if the Aussies are the only bidders now. Might be wrong, as ever, but I got the impression they’re might be another interested party. If not, then he may have shots himself in the foot unless he can and wants to hold out for his price. In the meantime the losses mount up and the only potential saving grace for him is us getting promoted.

  4. Yeah well less ope Roland carries on e deserves respect for keepin our gaff goin n the exenophobes on ere n elsewhere are a real disgrace, they was at MK Dons shoutin their abuse n thass why I would give them all banning orders n ave complained at the ighest level n all. Back to the game, Marshall always does well n deserves is place in the side. The passin iss part of wot they call the build up play n thass ow I was coached when I was doin the badges. It aint juss abahrt shootin on site but passin to the best placed player so theres the best chance the ball will it the back of the net.