Tuesday 5 April 2016


Don't worry I haven't come over all a2c ( that sounds worse than it's meant to ! ). It's meant to be play on words nothing more, nothing less and not related to his ramblings about " fings dahn our gaff ".

A good win on Saturday against another side who were nothing special but still managed to find themselves on the edge of the play-offs. As I've remarked before I've yet to see a really good side at The Valley this season. I expect Burnley will show otherwise but what I seen to date hasn't greatly impressed me. Yet people still say this is the most difficult league to get out of !

Colin ( I dislike him as much as anyone else ) continues to do wonders at Rotherham. Not that I suspect it's been noted by our owner although hardly surprising if you're sitting in an office in Brussels staring down at your Belgian brogues.

The lads are prolonging the agony ( as if we need that ! ) and tonight another must win game is upon us prior to the trip to Loftus Road, the home of the deluded. It's unlikely we'll record a second successive Saturday double there but we must hope.

I assume the worst dead leg injury in sporting history prevents Henderson from even taking a place on the bench tonight. It would seem folly to risk Solly tonight and one assumes he'll reappear against QPR.

Sanogo should at least be back on the bench. He made a mistake against the Dons for sure but he'll learn from it and is one of the few goal scoring options we have. 

Bauer may also be back and again probably on the bench as it'd be a bit harsh on the current central defensive pair for one of them to give way. The run of three games in 8 days will no doubt necessitate some rotation in any case.

I'm not optimistic for tonight ( for the record I never am ! ). Our record at Portman Road isn't great I don't think so that in itself doesn't give one cause to be hopeful. However, we can but dream just as we do about getting new owners who might look at clubs like Ipswich and managers like McCarthy and think " that's how it should be done ! ". 

Come On You Reds !


  1. I understand that Duchatelet was originally looking to buy Ipswich but when Charlton's previous owners found out they persuaded him that buying a London club was better. Close call for the Tractor boys!

  2. It's tempting to say it's a shame he didn't buy Ipswich but you really wouldn't wish Roly on anyone !