Wednesday 20 April 2016

Forgone Conclusion

He'd make a better of job of running Charlton

Well no one saw that coming did they ! It's been on the cards for months but now it's a cert it doesn't make it any more bearable. 

I think the game that convinced me it was all over was back in December away to Brighton. 2-0 up in 6 minutes and then it all went so wrong. Other lows include most notably the game against MK Dons. They have to be just about the worst I've seen in many years not least in terms of effort and commitment - both were missing in action !

It's easy to blame Fraeye for all this but he like Luzon and Peeters is just symptom not the cause. We all know what is at the heart of the problem. Fair play to Duchatelet, he's a quick worker. A club that has taken generations to build is systematically dismantled in just two years........impressive !

To cap it all off after weeks of silence our CEO pronounces how deeply disappointed everyone is. Deeply disappointed !! Doesn't get anywhere near how most of us feel.

I could go on and write several paragraphs listing the litany of mistakes and failed appointments over the last two years but they're well documented. One of the most telling things is that as recent as January Meire and Murray were defending all that had gone before and even outlining their plans for the future whilst ridiculing " the 2% " that were protesting.

That typifies this regime - a refusal to acknowledge the truth that was staring them in the face. Allied to this was / is the stubborn refusal to do anything about it. hogwash from Murray about the most important relationship is between the owner and the manager. This all followed on from Katrien outlining her vision including Target 20k. 

I think it'll be long time before we get a one off crowd of 20k never mind it being an average attendance. No doubt that's how we'll be able to describe attendances next season......average.

I honestly believe that Roly thought we'd get out of it even when Riga was appointed. He had two warnings before but utterly failed to learn from them very much like many other things.

This most unnecessary of relegations and woeful seasons is now drawing to a close. One can but hope that the same could be said of Roly's ownership. He'll do well to get his rumoured price of £38m. I suspect the man who doesn't do failure won't appreciate how self-inflicted it all is.

I'm sure Katrien won't appreciate relegation being confirmed with two home games still outstanding as the weird customers vent their feelings during those matches. Are you sitting uncomfortably ? 

Nothing will improve until Duchatelet goes of course and what happens in the meantime it could get even worse. In the meantime we have witness the most awful of seasons play out in front of our eyes.
At least over those two games we may witness two teams who'll be playing in the Premiership next season. 

Ah the Premiership..........I remember that !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Yeah but it aint been dismantled in the same way it wasn't dismantled when ourn lass went dahn under Varney n Murray.

    I think Katrien muss be very sad cos she's put loss of effort into our gaff n gets on well with the players from wot I ear. Also ourn ad been playin better under Riga n all.

    For Target 20k I'm contactin Katrien abahrt new fans for our gaff n ow to recruit them. I'm lookin forward to next season meself n seein the fans who support the players, club n owners, there muss be some of us abahrt cos we aint all negative n anti our owners either.

    I remember the Premiership n all Phil but wasn't it shockin ow them boo boy fans would get on the phone n moan abahrt Curbs on 5 live n TalkSport, but ad they not done it e might ave stayed on longer. I loved the football when King Curbs was in charge, the solid defendin n players knowin wot they was doin, Bryan Ughes was my favourite back then.

  2. For just once you need to get real a2c. Katrien can't believe her luck. Not only did she get a job she's clearly not fit for but no matter how much she f**ks it up Uncle Roly won't sack her. In almost any other walk of life or job she'd have gone long ago. " Now is the time to judge me ". We have, now go ! Obviously lacking the moral fibre and integrity of some of her underlings who have left. You need to remember what Uncle Dickie said the most important relationship is between the owner and the manager not the CEO and the players. I don't believe they get on in any case. What the hell player would have any respect for her. Igor might like because she's foolishly overseen his contract allowing to walk for nothing. The club has been dismantled and this time it's almost terminal. No owner and CEO has so alienated the fans and made such dreadful decisions on every level. These people have no shame, they are a joke and sadly so now is our club. Please give it a rest, I really don't want to have to delete anyone's comments or install a f**kwit filter so don't make me. Best you keep your thoughts to yourself or start your own blog.

  3. a2c - I've put up all season with your unintelligible gobbledygook... I'm now convinced that you are a Walloonian Buffoon who has somehow got hold of a book on 'ow t'speak cocknee.
    Just accept that you are in the 1% (down from 2% according to CAS Trust) who actually support the regime that has systematically destroyed our football club.
    I was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt and being a democrat allow you the space to make your views known - but I'm sorry to say that my opinions have changed and I consider you to be a total and utter tw@t.
    Do us all a favour and go off on a long summer holiday to Sint Truiden where you can be close to your God - and don't go anywhere near a computer. You can return next season to see Charlton slip quietly into division 2 unless things drastically change around down at the Valley - which sadly, from where I sit, I can't see happening now that Meire is clearly going to be around for another season.

    Phil, please do us all a favour and go and fit that f**kwit filter before I throw my computer out of the window if I have to see anymore of a2c's ridiculous rantings.