Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas !

Tis the season to be jolly ! Well, we can try can't we ?

It's hard to be too cheerful as an Addick at the moment but the Christmas celebrations will provide a welcome distraction.

As ever the lack of communication and action from those in charge at the club is staggering. How long does an interim manager last ? I guess that depends upon your definition of the word interim. Either we're looking to appoint Karel on a permanent basis or we're looking to recruit someone else. 

As has been observed by many others central to any potential success of Target 20k is results on the pitch. It really is that simple.

An acknowledgement that things are pretty s**t at the moment would at least be something. Letting us know whether the club intends to do anything about it would help and actually doing something would be even better.

Sadly, none of us really knows whether any or all of the above will happen. I'm struggling to see anything other than us playing in League One next season. I sincerely hope I'm proved wrong.

If a genie should come and visit then there are 3 simple wishes that I think the majority of us would ask for :-

1. The appointment of an experienced Championship manager with at least a half decent pedigree.
2. The recruitment of some decent Championship level players either bought or on loan.
3. Enough wins and points to ensure that we stay so that ( hopefully ) we start again with a better plan than we have now.

I'll not be at Bristol City nor the the Wolves game due to family celebrations so I have a break of sorts. Hopefully, my absence may bring about some better luck ( it seems to have made bu**er all difference most times this season ! ). This means a break for you who read the nonsense I occasionally write.

I hope that you and your families have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas. Enjoy !


  1. Merry Xmas to you to Phil! Thanks for your amusing blogs throughout the year.

    Pembury Addick

  2. Thanks P.A. have a good one !