Monday 14 December 2015

Charlton Escape With A Point After 2nd Half Annihilation

Steve - his lies are bigger than his belly

It’s hard to take anything Steve Evans says seriously. Now manager of the “ Champions of Europe “ ( yes, really ! ) I'm sure I recall him saying he’d never take the job. This of course is aside from a chequered past best summed up by his time at Boston United.

Therefore, when Mr Evans says :-

“Charlton have lost games here this season – Ipswich came and won 3-0. I watched the full re-run of that but they never got the hiding they got in the second half today.
“It was an absolute annihilation, but they held on and got the same return as what we did.”

you know you can ignore it as total piffle from a pretentious piffler ( thanks Lady C ) !
I spoke to a couple of Leeds fans before the game and asked them for their views on the corpulent one. They said he was appointed because he was cheap………nuff said !
On my part and forgive me for not possessing as keen an eye for detail as Steve, I thought a draw the right result. Both sides had good chances to score but didn’t either as a result of good goalkeeping or poor finishing.

Skip and Vaz Te should probably have come off earlier as they tired although one understands why Karel would keep them on in the hope they could make something happen.
Whether that point from Saturday is a good one depends upon the result against Bolton tomorrow night. A win for us then and 4 points from the two games dictates that it is.
The Trotters find themselves in a right pickle at the moment with a points deduction looming if they go into administration. It is a right mess and no mistake. However, when one looks at the likes of Southampton then administration isn't always such a bad thing. 

Clubs like Bolton don't go under and I'm sure that someone will emerge from somewhere to buy them out and move them onto better things albeit that it may take some while.

A midweek game isn't exactly what we need but then Bolton are suffering to a similar extent in terms of injuries etc. We really do need to win this one and if our young and recently crocked players can sustain the full ninety then we ought to.

I can't envisage many Trotters making the trip to The Valley and so a rather empty stadium is in prospect. Hopefully those of us making the effort will be rewarded with a rare home win !

Come On You Reds !

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