Friday 11 December 2015

Leads, Leads, Leeds !

He looks more like a rugby league manager.

Onto Saturday and we’re all hoping for better luck…….it can hardly get any worse !

Who’ll be fit and available is almost anyone’s guess. The timing could hardly be any worse as we enter an intense period of games. Whatever the outcome of these it’s clear that we need to recruit both in terms of numbers and quality.

Leeds have a managerial appointment policy similar to our own. Currently they are led by Steve Evans………he’s no oil painting. If he were it’d be something akin to And When Did You last See Your Father although in his case it’s a slightly different male member. I’d not be surprised if the “ pie tax “ wasn’t Steve’s idea…..” pass thy tokens to me ! “.

Steve has been managing Rotherham United who, to be fair, he did well to keep in the Championship. All the sweeter that it was at the expense of a club not too far away.

The lads preparation this week has involved a visit to the Queen Elizabeth hospital. At first one assumed this was to bring some pre-Christmas cheer to the rest of the squad and others who are sick. However, it also served a purpose in getting to know their fellow patients and to book a bed for themselves for Yuletide !

Leeds are about as inconsistent as you can get but that is of little wonder given the endless stream of bizarre owners and chairman. Risdale’s recruitment of Seth Johnson has long since passed into legend !

Had our own fortunes in the last couple of games been better then not only would we be better placed but we could be reasonably optimistic of getting something from the next two games.

As it is this will prove tough and the what sort of fare we’ll see served up from both teams in the following Tuesday night game doesn’t bear thinking about !

One has to hope that the players confidence isn’t too badly affected by losing on Saturday. To lose when you’re playing well as we did for most of the game is tough. Perhaps we can take some comfort from Huddersfield who dominated their game against Middlesbrough and lost but then beat Brum away last week.

Hopefully we can hold on to any lead we may get this week.

Come On You Reds !