Thursday 17 December 2015

John Kettley is a................

Burnley fan !

For the second time in just over a week we let slip a two goal lead. Perhaps we have to be thankful that we didn’t lose the game.

I know his goal was something of a collector’s item but overall Emile Heskey was quite effective for the Trotters and when he went off I felt Bolton’s chances of getting a winner went with him.

Our own target man, Big Mak, wasn’t so great but scarcely deserved the mocking he received every time he won the ball. Clearly he isn’t the most gifted footballer ever to pull on a red shirt but he’s not going to get better if fans mock him.

To be fair he’s not played a lot in the last couple of seasons and has been out of the starting eleven for most of this. The ref, who was truly woeful on Tuesday night, did him few favours in seemingly penalising his every attempt to win the ball.

Overall this was a sloppy game where our passing and decision making let us down time and again. Had we played with a bit more invention and higher tempo we would surely have come away with the win.

We have players like Vaz Te who are not fully fit and at opposite ends of the scale Jacko and young Lookman understandably tired against Bolton.

A glance at the bench tells you that there was hardly anyone who could come on and improve things. Ba had a cameo ( I’m not sure that’s really the word for it ) that he’d rather forget. Big Mak struggled and KAG did his best.

How we could have used a fully fit Vaz Te from the start of the season. He will be more and more important the fitter he gets as we head into the second half of the season.

On to Saturday and a nice little trip up to play John Kettley's Burnley. No one is expecting anything there of course. We can only hope that the lads give it a go, there’s nothing to lose. At least Bauer returns and he should form a good partnership with Lennon.

Moving Diarra up to playing in front of the back four is a must and will bring some solidarity to midfield. The rest of that midfield perhaps save for Skip is up for grabs really with Cousins and JBG not having been anywhere near their best of late.

I shall try and avoid all news of the game until @ 4.50pm when I shall turn on the telly with my fingers very firmly crossed !

Come On You Reds !

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