Friday 3 January 2014

Off And On ?

It would seem that Roland has, appropriately for a Phlegmish speaker, now coughed up.

Happy new year to everyone !

It would appear and come as no surprise to even the poorest poor man's Mystic Meg that tomorrow's cup game against Oxford will be called off. Perhaps that's a blessing in disguise if it allows for the pitch to be in proper nick for the upcoming league game against Barnsley.

It looked very poor for the Wednesday game and the subsequent rain with more to come today won't have helped at all. Unless things change by way of investment in pitch protection and / or improvement the trepidation that accompanies most of my trips to the Valley will intensify. 

I am in two minds about going to the game knowing that we haven't performed in the cup for years and will no doubt field a weaker side. However, that is balanced against a sighting of those on the fringes whilst I recall the excellent performance by the " B team " in the league cup earlier this season. An early decision will help.

Whilst the match may be off, everything would suggest that the takeover is very much on, if not complete. Views on our new owner vary, however, the proof of the pudding etc. At age 67 one would assume that Roland is not in it for the long haul. It can only be hoped that he leaves us in a better state than he find us. If he is to do so then he'll need to dip into his pockets because without investment in the team and the aforementioned pitch that is unlikely to happen.

Stability is a priority along with the need to secure Championship status. The first things on the agenda for Roland are renewed contracts for Sir Chris and the most significant players. A need to get fresh players in, on loan will suffice for now. Chris Powell has a good record with loanees, his use of Sordell aside. Finally and by no means least, pitch improvement.

We may have seen the last of Sordell and Stewart. If so, that is a shame. For me both players were not utilised to best effect. Stewart is a player with lots of ability and promise. In addition, he always looked better on the right. Our persistent use of him on the left was a waste.

Sordell was never given enough opportunity and has been harshly treated by a small minority of fans. That he didn't get an opportunity during our poorest run of games whilst others were firing blanks is a criminal waste. If he had a bad attitude, and there's no evidence for that, then why was he on the bench ? He lacked confidence, sure but only by playing games can you get that back. I'm sure we'll see him flourish away from the Valley should he depart.

All eyes for now are on the weather and even it the game survives today's 11am inspection, I feel it'll remain in doubt right upto kick off tomorrow if there's any amount of rain.

Should the game proceed then let's hope we can get through and draw someone decent at home ( Everton remain my choice ) in the 4th round.

Come On You reds !

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