Thursday 9 January 2014


Milton Keynes resident and Barnsley fan - Darren Gough

There seems to have been more to talk about over the last few days when we haven't played than when we's a funny old game !

Finally it seems our boys may get to play a home game in 2014 for the third time of asking. Ironically with our new regime the only thing to be under cover has been the pitch.......and a good thing too ! Crafty folk these Belgians, it must be " ze little grey cells " but they seem to have been able to secure a cover for the pitch. So much for the waffle, the only hot air has been put to good effect to help dry out our quagmire of a pitch....giggity, giggity, giggity.

Our opponents on Saturday are Barnsley and one famous Tyke is Darren Gough, who like me, resides in Milton Keynes. Darren if you want a lift down on Saturday let me know. I'm sure Darren would be good company and have plenty to say on England's wretched performance down under.

Given our respective positions this is the classic 6 pointer. Chris O'Grady poses a real threat and I bet Sheffield Wednesday wish he was still their player.

As far as we're concerned our striking and goalscoring options are even more limited than the last time we kicked a ball in anger. Sordell is out for a few weeks not that he played much before the injury of course. Cameron Stewart has moved on to Leeds on loan with the view to a permanent deal that will almost certainly complete one would have thought.

Stewart is a quality player who will no doubt be a big success for Leeds and a big miss for us. I don't hold with the inverted winger idea and would have preferred to see him play on the right all the time. I'd like to see Harriott come back into the side but if he does and on the left as a natural left winger, then it'll confuse the hell out of me !

Obika has gone to Brighton so that particular door has slammed shut. One would hope that Smith might get a chance soon although it won't be in the cup sadly given his outing for the Dons earlier in the competition.

Rumours abound of offers for a few of our most significant players and I hope we are able to resist although the current lack of contracts gives little confidence in that scenario. I know the January window doesn't close for a while yet but if there isn't some transfer activity of an inward direction soon then I fear the worst. That statement needs qualifying in that if we're buying or loaning players then they need to be of decent championship quality. I'm not impressed with the Liege personnel who've come in although I'm happy to have those fears allayed. However, I fail to see the need for a third keeper unless one of the current incumbents is off somewhere.

It's probably too early to judge Roland although I'm getting twitchy and would like to see or hear something positive from him to give me cause for optimism. I guess that by 1st February we'll have clear idea on whether we're heading for survival or a return to League 1 and if it'll be under Sir Chris.  

Another big effort is needed on Saturday as is a positive approach, we really need those 3 points. Never mind hitting Dazzler's boys for six again, a one nil win will do for me.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Spot on. Thats how I feel about it as well. I need to see an improvement in playing strength or confirmation of contracts that shows that Duchelet understands that Charlton are in a relegation scrap. I am not reassured so far.

    Colin Powells Rusty Roller