Sunday 19 January 2014

Not Looking Good

The future, like one of our former managers, just doesn't look good.

Another 1-0 defeat yesterday and I fear for Chris's future especially as rumours circulate suggesting that even before kick off it may be his last game. I sincerely hope not as I believe Chris can, and will improve, as he gains experience and learns. Sadly, time is not on his side and the new owner has done little to reassure us as to his or indeed the players future.

Yesterday, the absence of Solly and the two Bens was at best unsettling and Thuram's failure to deal with Ledesma's long range effort did little help matters. It should be pointed out that it seems the keeper did go on to make some good saves.

Chris chose to go 4-5-1 and one wonders whether this was largely driven by a desire to accommodate Skip as so often seems to be the case. Later in the game, perhaps too late, the switch to 4-4-2 appears to have led to us carrying more threat. 

Sadly, we were unable to score and the disallowed goal seemed harsh although typical in these days of over-protected keepers. Equally harsh was Wiggins sending off although he may have been slightly studs up, there didn't appear to be any malice judging from the TV footage.

Talking of which, can we ban Clem what'shisface from attending our games. He was at the Valley last week, the Riverside this and each time it's bad news !

Chris doesn't help himself sometimes and with our few strikers in the main lacking confidence I fail to understand why Smith didn't even make the bench. Surely with few striking options he's got to be worth a go. Our decision not to have him cup-tied seems increasingly short-sighted as he won't even get a run out on Tuesday. 

If Chris is still at the helm this time next week then I'm guessing he'll be there until the end of the season. I fear he may well not be though.

The next two weeks will give us a clearer indication of how Roland is approaching his ownership of our fine club. To date all the indications are not statement telling us what we already know about our history and loan players from his main club. 

I'm sure he's his own man and will want to do things his way as is his right but it's a plain as the nose on your face as to what needs sorting. He has the power, he has authority, he has the resources to make it happen. The one thing he doesn't have is time and he needs to act fast or he'll just oversee taking us back to League One and it won't even come down to that last game away to Blackpool either.

This next fortnight is so crucial to the future of our club. I pray that things will look better by then but I have little cause for optimism which is a great shame as pretty much all of our current problems were avoidable.

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