Friday 24 January 2014

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry and Jeff learn that Charlton have drawn Huddersfield again.

The fates have decreed that if it's a cup competition then it must be Huddersfield. I'm sure the Terriers are as bored as we are of these seemingly endless cup meetings. Since we ended their unbeaten run just over two years ago they seem to come back to bite us on the bum time and again.

Given our Tuesday game against Donny it hardly seems worth the lads coming home although I guess they will however wonderful Yorkshire may apparently be. 

Sir Chris has to balance his expressed desire to give it a go in the cup against the needs to keep his main players fresh for Tuesday's critical game as referred to above. At least Donny are playing on Saturday and so won't be fresher than us. However, it's something of a double edged sword as anything other than a defeat for Rovers will see us drop into the bottom three. Given that their opponents are Blackpool then it doesn't exactly fill one with any great hope.

If it were me I'd play a mix of young and old fringe players, there's plenty of choice. However, I'm not the manager and I don't for one moment anticipate Chris doing anything like that. 

I guess he'll take the opportunity to rest a couple of players but not much aside from that. He may yet surprise us, such is his way. As ever we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, as we await kick off we can spend Friday waiting to see if the long awaited interview ever materialises. Unlike the pitch, there haven't been any leaks, this is one thing that is watertight it seems. 

If that doesn't appear tomorrow we can always scan the internet for news of transfers involving that non-Liege striker and winger that we need.

If that doesn't appear then we can always scan the internet for news of how our major players have all been offered new contracts. 

Failing all of that we can just plan on how we might spend the intervening 6 weeks until we play Huddersfield again. Mind you we might not have to wait that long if a draw ensues and we have to play again for a fourth time this season before that fifth and final game in the league.

I don't know sometimes you can have just too much of a good thing !

Good luck to everyone travelling up to Huddersfield on Saturday. Have a great day. 

Come On You Reds !

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