Thursday 8 August 2013

The Middlesbrough Mourinho

The photogenic Tony Mowbray. A copy of his comments will no doubt be on the dressing room wall but probably not his photo........Sir Chris won't want to frighten the mascots !

Mr Motivator comes to S.E.7 on Saturday. Sadly for him he seems only capable of motivating our boys given his pathetic post match comments following our 2-2 draw with them back in April. 

You don't expect to beat any team in this league not least one that is higher placed and on an excellent run. Poor old Tone, perhaps he was trying to deflect from his side's poor run. The club's website seems to be suffering the same affliction as at the time of writing it records Saturday's 2-1 reverse to Leicester as a 2-0 home win !

The poor start to the season continued on Tuesday when his side went of the Capital One Cup to Accrington Stanley. Post match and one expected Mowbray to borrow the words of Stanley's most fan in announcing that " we flippin' murdered 'em ! ". Defeat on Saturday may see the end of his tenure, what a loss that'd be eh ?

Tuesday night's emphatic win will have given Sir Chris some food for thought although if Skip is fit I'd expect just him and Green to come into the side. As well as all the others did in overcoming Oxford, I'd be surprised if he changed the starting eleven other than that.

On the bench there's every reason to suggest that Church and Pigott may find themselves a place. I was impressed with both of them and would like to see them given every opportunity this season.

I'm off to Colchester Zoo tomorrow which I'm looking forward to as it has a good reputation. In preparation for Saturday a visit to Chimp world would seem to be in order. If we win on Saturday then perhaps the press room at The Valley will resemble Chump world as Tone tries to explain away another defeat.

Come On You Reds ! 


  1. Brilliant piece of investigative journalism.

    Tony Mowbray took over a team that was deep in relegation trouble, had no funds to buy new players, and had to cut an already failing squad. For three years he's had to rely on free signings and loans while trying to sell over-paid, over-rated and under-performing players to try to get the club back on an even keel financially. Despite that he's managed to get the team up the league and challenging for promotion.

    Yes, we fell away second half of last season but given the lack of depth and experience in the squad was it really that surprising? Disappointing for sure, but the team over-achieved in the first-half of the season and ran out of steam in the second.

    This season is the first time that Mowbray has started with anything near a clean slate. He's finally offloaded all the liabilities he inherited, and he's had a little bit of cash - not much - to play with. Three of the four players we've brought in to replace the eleven who've left have been 'frees'. The other id Adomah see what you make of him tomorrow...

    It's easy to take cheap shots when a team is struggling, as we are and have been throughout 2013, but what he's achieved in real terms is huge. He's saved the club from a severe financial crisis and we've made progress. As a team we're not far away - a few more experienced bodies, a little bit of quality in a couple of key areas, and we'll be up there challenging.

    Seriously, I don't think going to the zoo ahead of the game is a good idea - they might not let you out and I'd hate you to miss it...

  2. Totally agree with Nigel. Awful article with no real understanding of the measures the club has had to take to ensure financial security: the cuts have been absolutely brutal.

    Sadly, the majority of Boro fans don't seem to understand either!

    I'm going to the Valley for the first time on Saturday and looking forward to it as I hear it's a really good away day. UTB!

  3. It would appear Boro fans seem to have the kind of connection we have with Powell as mono-tony is a fans favourite. Regardless Powell's had literally no cash like Boro (even with their million pound signing of Adomah) but has managed to bring together a great squad.

    Unlike Mowbray though Powell would never disrespect a team like he did to try and shield from a poor performance as he actually has the grace to accept where things went wrong and weren't good enough as he did for a period of last season.

    Mowbray is just a tw*t

  4. He might be a tw-t, but he's our tw-t so keep your opinions to yourself kn-b head!!

  5. last comment says it all.... he is our tw.t

  6. Just back from the zoo, they were going to keep me in but once I'd removed the Tony Mowbray mask they let me go how we laughed ! Sorry Nigel ( BTW you're not a Palace fan are you ? ). What's to investigate ? I admit I didn't realise that Middlesbrough were the paupers of the Championship ! Anon 2's comments sum up my own feelings in that Sir Chris would never have been so stupid or disrespectful to say what Mowbray said. Your comments stating how bad things were only further underlines how crass Mowbray was in saying what he did, i.e. you had no money, had run out of steam, had a team of liabilites but still he believed Boro should be beating us. In effect you're arguing against what Mowbray said ! His only reason can have been to deflect from a poor performance, how sad and desperate ! It angered me and many other Addicks. Our club has too much class to stoop to that level and Boro fans should be embarrassed by it. All that aside I hope you all have a good day tomorrow save for leaving with 3 points.

  7. We could say the same about your manager but then we'd be classed as racists. Have an honest debate by all means, but cut out the crude remarks about our manager, as said earlier, if it was the other way round you would all be on the bandwagon shouting racists!!

  8. " Crude remarks " ? Such sensitive souls ! A bit of gentle ribbing. I dare say Boro fans made worse comments about Peter Reid on their blogs. I can't say for sure of course because I don't read them.........too busy reading the excellent selection of Charlton blogs for that. It seems there's a paucity of Boro ones as they're all too ready to comment on ours and Charlton forums I notice !

  9. Full time score: Charlton 0 Middlesbrough 1
    What've you got to say now then?

  10. Should have stayed in the zoo with your Mowbray mask you muppet, 1 - 0 to Mowbrays tw-ts

  11. Ah ! More witty banter from the Boro boys ! We were awful, Boro deserved to win.......that's what I've got to say Mr Griffiths. What Chris Powell won't do is now go on to say that we should be beating teams like Middlesbrough. That's because, unlike Mowbray, he's got class and won't try and deflect from a poor performance. Today's result changes nothing in that respect, you've either you've got it or you haven't. Anon, I don't recall in sinking to calling your team the word you used although I would point out you're missing an apostrophe there aside from a full stop. BTW I didn't really have a Mowbray mask, I was joking but don't you worry yourself about that just really enjoy the win over little old Charlton eh.

  12. crap ground still in the dark ages - away fans can't even buy tickets on cards. bunch of mugs, we should have battered you 4/5 - 0 today - your team is very poor!

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    1. You like dishing it out but can't take it back can you? Nothing offensive in my post that merited it being removed.