Saturday 17 August 2013

JC Inspires Church of Valley Faithful To Comeback From The Dead

JC praise be !

I wasn't at Oakwell so can only report on what I've read from others. Obviously a poor first half and for the early part of the second. For those of us who've been critical of Sir Chris in his use of the subs then he wasn't shying away from the use of them today. The introduction of Cort and Cousins at half time shows that.

It was ultimately to pay dividends of course with Cousins scoring the first of our two goals. Church added a second in scoring his debut league goal for us and repaying Powell's faith in starting him ahead of Sordell.

It seems as if Stephens has already been transferred, mentally at least, judging by the feedback from fans at the game.

It may only be one point but hopefully that one point and the manner in which it was gained will kick start the season for us. Next week will be another big game and don't let anyone think Donny will be easy, they won't.

Elsewhere....... if you haven't seen the lead up to Watford's penalty today then make sure you do. Ludicrous. I thought that Chris Ashton has swapped sports ! No change for Watford from last season then it seems. 


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