Sunday 11 August 2013


Dire about sums it all up. We were woeful and Tuesday evening seems a lifetime away. Only Dervite had anything like a good game. Yann had probably his worst day in a Chalrton shirt which speaks volumes.

A performance that was unexpected unlike the post match comments where unsurprisingly Sir Chris did not make comments about expecting to beat teams like Middlesbrough at home. He duly acknowledged a poor performance by his side something not all other managers do eh readers !


  1. But didi he acknowkedge his own poor performance?
    For ten minutes anyone could see the 'Boro goal coming. He did nothing. When they scored he reacted. Fair enough he did eventually make the correct substitutions, Green and Sordell were hopeless. But he needs to learn to be proactive not re-active.
    It's just like deja-vu, all over again !!!!!!


  2. Agreed Daggs the use of subs does remain a problem for Sir Chris. I was keen to see Green start yesterday but he was poor I have to admit. Beginning to think that, like Wagstaff, League One is his limit. Hard to be too critical of Sordell, early days and yesterday he didn't get great service from the rest of the team. I do like Church, his movement and awareness is good. Let's hope that a decent partnership can emerge from our forwards and I'd include Piggott in that.......think he should be given a chance.

  3. Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis12 August 2013 at 13:13

    Phil - it isn't hard to criticise Sordell his performance was shaming, always on his heals, spent more time bottling contact with defenders and never challenging properly, typical loan sponger, minimum effort and avoid injury at all costs

  4. SCN, you may ultimately be proved to be right, I hope not of course. It seemed to be a collective off day on Saturday. I hope that Sordell and the rest of the lads can redeem themselves starting at Oakwell on Saturday ( although having said that I'd be inclined to start Church up there ).